World Wetlands Day 2002: Ukraine


Dear colleagues!

We made a decision to take part in World Wetland Day Celebration. So a marathon for nature conservation "Save Wetlands and Biological Diversity" had started in the end of the year 2001 and would be continued till the 5th of June 2002 - World Wild Nature Day. Many town's organizations will take part in this marathon:

  • Melitopol State Pedagogical University (SRI - scientifical research institute - of biodiversity the department of philosophy and sociology, the pedagogical department, the laboratory of complex regional ethnography, the modern technologies laboratory, the department of botany, the department of zoology and ecology, the agrobiological station, the library, the aesthetic room, a trade-union committee, the scientific department)
  • Melitopol Town Museum of Regional Ethnography
  • "Kamennye Mogily" ("Stone Graves") reserve
  • Melitopol Ecology -Naturalistic Centre (for schoolchildren)
  • Melitopol Town Department of Education
  • Melitopol District Department of Education
  • Melitopol Interdepartmental Inspection of Ecology and Natural Resources
  • The editorial board of "Melitopolskie Vedomosti", "Mesto Vstrechi", "Telenedelya" ("Melitopol News", "Meeting Point", "TV-week")
  • Radio station "Yuzhny prostor" ("the South Space")
  • Melitopol Town TV
  • Melitopol Council of People's Deputates
  • Melitopol Town Executive Committee
  • Town public organizations and regional representatives of the parties
  • Ukrainian Union for Bird Conservation (Priazovskoe department )- Birdlife International partner
  • The following arrangements are supposed to be during the marathon:
  • expositions, dedicated to the results of SRI (Scientific Research Institute) activity, wetlands conservation, association between the people cultural heritage and wetlands (in the hall of MSPU, in MSPU zoological museum, in the Museum of Nature and Regional Ethnography)
  • publications in the University paper "Intellect"
  • periodical brief radio digests, dedicated to biodiversity conservation and wetlands' role in life of people
  • preparation of TV meetings and reviews, materials for UTV (Ukrainian TV canal)
  • opening of public lecturing bureau of SRI of Biodiversity. Invitation of leading scientists in biological diversity and water ecosystems field and organization of lecture cycle in our town
  • thematic meetings, lectures in schools, gymnasiums, museums of the town and University
  • World Wetland Day celebration in all schools of the town
  • thematic meeting in "Kamennye Mogily" ("Stone Grave") reserve
  • exposition of articles, raw materials items and products made on a base of wetlands' natural resources (Melitopol ecology-naturalistic centre)
  • town actions for nature conservation, with participation of students, schoolchildren and "Green Movement" active members.
  • exposition and a show-program in the MSPU agrobiological station
  • competition between schoolchildren of the town and district to describe and paint their favourite water body or estimate the problems of its conservation
  • organization of a session of the Small Academy of Science
  • students' scientific conference. Competition in the best student's scientific and educational work
  • section of the anniversary scientific conference of University teachers.
  • An exposition of MSPU scientific works.
  • publication of the booklet about SRI and the marathon for nature conservation
  • exposition tours in Altagir and Stepanovka village on liman Molochny and carrying out there field demonstrations on wetland monitoring and biodiversity conservation
  • opening of a special WEB-site on Internet
  • preparing of information for Ramsar Bureau (Great Britain) about World Wetland Day celebration in Melitopol
  • festive summary of the marathon for nature conservation

Chernichko Joseph, the director of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station e-mail:

P.S. Among the arrangements which were planned to World Wetland Day celebration, there will be a special holiday in all schools of Melitopol and in some schools of the district. A special script is elaborated for it. According to the script there will be pictures competition, erudite tournaments, business games, puzzles doing. We ask you if you have such a possibility to sent us some materials which could be used as encouraging prizes to the competitions' victories (posters, stickers, calendars and Ramsar Poster Exhibits Collection for a town exhibition in the Museum of Nature and Regional Ethnography). We shall appreciate your help greatly. Chernichko Raisa, a staff-member of Organization Committee for Holiday Greeting, a scientific worker of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station.

Our address is: Chernichko Raisa, Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, Lenin Street 20, Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine 72312.

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