World Wetlands Day 2002: Poland


From: Artur Wiatr []
Sent: 05/03/2002 11:51

Subject: WWD at Biebrza National Park

Dear Sandra!

Time is passing so quickly and it is two weeks now when we were celebrating WWD in Biebrza National Park. I would like to send you a short report on it.

I believe WWD has been celebrating for 5 years now in our Park. Mostly we addressed our activity to young generations. It does not nessecerly mean the adults are discluded. They also take part in it.

This year our educational event was coorganised with the Primary school in Sztabin (one of the bigger villages located in the immediate vinicity of the Park).

There were a few activities scheduled in our programme. First of all, everybody from one to third grade has gathered in the big gym room - I think about 150 pupils were there and the room was decorated with reeds and other natural elements reminding our wetlands and their cultural haritage.

At the very begining we wanted to turn our attention to water - what is it and why it is so important. We delivered a small performance explaining that.

After that there was another performance called "Our princess Biebrza". It was a dialog between the Biebrza river and other living creatures inhabiting our Park (elk, white stork, others, fish). They were proud to live over here but, on the other hand, a bit scared of some things such as polutions, noise, litters that may be left by people etc. Of course kids were delivering the performance and they were especially characterised to play different animals.

Then a Jury proclaimed who was the winner in preparing the best wetland T-shirt design. There were over 60 works competing with each other.

Then we offer team competition of a basic knowledge of "Our Biebrza" - nature magazine published by the park. There were four teams from different schools - it was really funny to see how serious and ambitious they were!

After that we invited a smaller group to a slide show given by Wiktor Wolow - famous photographer of Biebrza Wetlands.

Summing up, everybody were happy. Kids because they got something unusual in their school, teachers as they got a new proposal for next year, local people and artists as they could exibit their works too. What is worth to mention is the fact that also a mayor of the local community participate in our event.

I think the enclosed pictures will show the atmosphere of our celebration.

Wwd4. - after the performance - vive director of the park in the uniform

Wwd5 - during team's competition

Wwd6 - WWD brings into celebration all generations living in Biebrza Wetlands

Wwd7 - again team's competation - note part of our decoration

Wwd8- the performance "The princes Biebrza"

Wwd9 - that was a play "How nature lovers should be dress" - kids supose to point what part of what he is wearing was or was not proper.

Sorry for my written English - I am not a "Wall Street" corespondent but I hope you'll be able to make a use of it.


Artur Wiatr

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