World Wetlands Day 2002: Republic of Korea


Dear friends,

Just a short note from South Korea in relation to World Wetlands Day.

Wetlands and Birds Korea, a small NGO specialising in wetland and bird conservation is organising a nationwide birdathon (birdwatching marathon)to celebrate World Wetlands Day...or weekend!...We are hoping for several hundred people to go out and birdwatch at key wetlands during on February 2 and 3, collecting donations from friends for the number of bird species they see.

Although perhaaps small by some countries' standards, this will be the largest such event ever organised in Korea, and should attract considerable media interest..this is all the more so as the Ministry of Environment are kindly offering some small but highly significant (and much appreciated) financial support for the event.

The money raised will go towards creating and locating small signboards that will stress the link between wetlands,and their dependent human and bird communities, working to advertise the meaning of wise use and the Ramsar Convention...

Although many problems remain here, both government (most especially through UNDP wetland-based conservation projects) and NGOs are increasingly moving towards deepening cooperation, with the shared aim of improving the situation of local communities through wetland conservation. The future for wetlands conservation here appears to be steadily brightening...

We would welcome your posting of this information on the forum and will provide a brief follow up report after the event.

With best wishes for this year of Ramsar, 2002,

Nial Moores
International Liaison
Wetlands and Birds Korea
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