Workshop on waterbird conservation set for Dafeng, China, November 2003



Workshop on Waterbird Conservation

4-6 NOVEMBER 2003

Wetlands International-China Office
Dafeng National Nature Reserve of Jiangsu Province


The workshop on waterbirds conservation will be held in Dafeng City in Jiangsu Province in eastern coast of China from 4-6th November 2003. The workshop follows an initial workshop held at Panjin, Liaoning Province in August 2002. The Panjin Workshop participants developed a list of recommendations for improving waterbird conservation in China. This second workshop at Dafeng will review and advance the implementation of these recommendations. It will also help to progress the development of a National Implementation Plan for Shorebird Conservation in China.

The workshop will be followed by a one-day visit to the Dafeng NNR coastal wetlands, one of the most important wintering and stop-over sites in the East Asian- Australasian Shorebird Flyway, a Ramsar site and a critical site for migratory waterbird and habitat management. The workshop and technical visit will provide a unique opportunity for participants to see examples of how wetlands conservation for waterbirds and can proceed.

The workshop will bring together waterbird experts from other countries with managers in China to share experience and identify some specific strategies and tasks for conservation. The workshop aims to review the conservation of the migratory waterbirds in East Asian-Australasian Flyway and further promote the waterbird site networks in China.

Objectives of Workshop

1. View examples of waterbird and wetland conservation management in the field.
2. Review implementation of the Asian-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy: 2001-2005 and the activities at Chinese Network Sites;
3. Exchange information and experiences in China and other countries in the East Asian-Australasian Shorebird Site Network;
4. Facilitate international cooperation and exchange on the migratory waterbirds and habitat conservation;
5. Review and decide on implementing priority actions for Chinese Waterbird Network Sites.


Each year millions of shorebirds migrate between their breeding areas in the Russian Far East, northern China and Alaska to as far south as Australia and New Zealand. To complete this remarkable migration of up to 12,000 km, shorebird are dependent on intermediate staging sites where they can replenish the fat reserves needed to power them further on their migration. As such successful conservation of migratory waterbirds requires a coordinated multinational approach.

The East Asian-Australasian Shorebird Reserve Network has been developed under the Asia -Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy. The Shorebird Reserve Network has been developed in response to an international workshop on the conservation of migratory waterbirds in the East Asian-Australian flyway held in Kushiro, Japan in December 1994. Asian-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy:201-2005 has prepared by Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conseration Committee, which provides us with the guideline for the network.

The motivating feature of the Network is that it enables sites managers, site owners, participating organisations and local people to obtain national and international recognition for the importance of the site and their efforts. The participants from the Shorebird Reserve Network workshop held in Panjing 2003 decided to organize the waterbird conservation workshop annually in different sites of China. WI-China under the support the local network, the workshop will be held.

Expected Outputs

* Strengthened information exchange among network and sectors
* Improved awareness on waterbirds conservation and management
* Set priorities for Chinese Waterbird Network Sites in the coming year.
* Improved international cooperation and exchange on the migratory waterbirds and habitat conservation for Chinese Network Sites;

The workshop will include 2 days meeting and one day technical field visit

Paper Presentations
Those who are interested to make an oral presentation at the workshop are requested to send an abstract of their papers (one page, A4) to the organizers by fax or e-mail. Equipment (Overhead Projector, Slide Projector and Powerpoint / Video Player) will be available for the presentations.


Accommodation for the participants will be arranged through the organizer after receiving your emails.

Participants can reach Dafeng by bus from Shanghai or Nanjing City, capital of Jiangsu Province. Please contact Wetlands International - China regarding local transportation.

Entry Visa
Foreign participants are required to obtain a tourist visa at Chinese Embassy in respective countries.

* Participants should pay for their own travel to Dafeng;
* Meals and accommodation during the workshop will only be covered for participants if agreed by the organizers;

Contact Address
Wetlands International-China Office
Room 501, Grand Forest Hotel,
No. A3 Beisanhuan Zhonglu,
Beijing, 100029, CHINA
Tel: +86-10-62058405
Fax: +86-10-62377900

Draft Programme Outline

Day 1 Opening ceremony
Field trip

Day 2 Technical sessions:
In the morning
* Review implementation of the Asian-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy: 2001-2005 by Mr. Warren Lee Long
* Presentation by Australian representative
* Presentation by Li Yuxiang,
* Presentations by WWF-Hong Kong or other organizations
* Introduce the activities done by some waterbird nature reserves
* Dafeng Nature Reserve by Mr. Ding Yuhua, Director
* Yancheng Nature Reserve by Mr. Song Ming, Director

In the afternoon Discussion and review the recommendations of the Panjin Workshop

Day 3
In the morning Continue the discussion
Decide priorities actions and recommendations for implementation
In the afternoon Wrap-up of session
Closing ceremony

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