Wetlands International signs MOU with China for wetland conservation and wise use


Memorandum of Understanding between the State Forestry Administration of the People's Republic of China and Wetlands International


Conservation and Sustainable Development of Wetlands

State Forestry Administration of the People's Republic of China (Hereinafter referred to as "SFA") and Wetlands International (Hereinafter referred to as "WI"), for further development of cooperative relationship and strengthening long-term cooperation on conservation and sustainable development of wetlands, have reached the following agreement.

Article I: Principles

1. The two parties shall carry out cooperation under the framework of Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat and relevant laws of the People's Republic of China on a basis of equality and mutual benefit;

2.SFA shall provide necessary support for Wetlands International to conduct wetland conservation activities in China;

3. WI, by its advantages and international influence, shall provide and seek support of information, technology and fund for conservation and sustainable development of wetlands in China;

4. The property rights of achievements of a project of both parties and copyrights of publications shall be dealt with in line with the provisions of the project agreement.

Article 2: Objectives

1. To strengthen the capacity building of the two parties;

2. To further improve wetlands management and conservation in China;

3. To raise public awareness of wetland conservation and participation in China;

4. To promote conservation and wise use of wetlands and its biodiversity in China

Article 3: Means of Cooperation

1. The two parties shall conduct information exchange, personnel training and seminars according to actual needs;

2. The two parties may develop technical and financial cooperation projects;

3. WI shall invite officials from SFA to attend international meetings and seminars relevant to WI;

4. The mechanism of holding annual consultative meeting shall be established. The two parties shall carry out consultation on their cooperation and conduct technical consultation regarding international wetland issues;

5. SFA and WI have appointed International Forestry Cooperation Center of SFA and Wetlands International-China as their respective window for their cooperation.

Article 4: Areas of Cooperation

1. Implementation of Action Plan of Wetland Protection in China
WI will seek technological and financial support internationally through different channels to assist SFA in the implementation of Action Plan of Wetland Protection in China.

2. Participation in conservation of wetland and its biodiversity
SFA encourages and supports WI to participate in projects and programs of the conservation and wise use of wetland biodiversity in China with input of technology and funding.

3. Capacity building
The two parties shall, according to the actual needs of wetland conservation, jointly seek technological and financial support to develop technical and management cooperation projects to strengthen capacity building in wetland conservation.

4. Raising public awareness

SFA will continue to support Wetlands International-China to publish NEWSLETTER FOR WETLANDS.
WI will raise funds for translating and publishing other reading materials and provide free copies of the materials to relevant agencies and communities; and raise funds to make documentaries of wetland conservation in China.

Article 5: Amendment, extension and termination

The Memorandum shall enter into force upon signature by both parties and shall remain in force for a period of five years and shall be automatically renewed for a subsequent period of five years unless either party gives to the other a written notice six months in advance of its intention to terminate the Memorandum before the date of its expiry.

Both parties agree the Memorandum may be modified or amended. Either party shall give to the other a written notice in advance of its intention to modify and amend the Memorandum. The intention of modifying or amending the Memorandum shall be consulted at the annual meeting, and relevant documents shall be signed, which shall be seen as an appendix of the Memorandum and being equally authentic as the Memorandum.

Done at Beijing on this 8th day of September, 2003 in two originals each in English and Chinese languages, all the texts being equally authentic.

For Wetlands International For State Forestry Administration
Marcel J. Silvius Yucai Li

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