Wetland restoration course set for Ontario, Canada


[Note: This course is not sponsored by the Ramsar Bureau. Please contact the organizers directly.]


Ontario, Canada

September 7-12, 2003
Final date for applications: June 6th, 2003

This intensive 6 day training course, involving significant fieldwork and some classroom instruction, is a collaborative effort, developed by staff from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment Canada, Trent University and Ducks Unlimited. The course, in its 7th year, is administered through the Watershed Science Centre at Trent University.

The course examines methods of restoring wetland function in both agricultural and urbanized settings. It offers practical instruction within the framework of existing Ontario guidelines and policies. Wetland restoration principles learned at this course can be applied in any environment. The restoration of degraded wetlands and the effective protection of those remaining is essential to the quality of our environment and water. Knowing how proposed landscape changes will affect wetlands is essential for proper planning and wetland management.

Who Should Attend:

Those involved in the management, review or implementation of wetland projects from: Government agencies; NGOs; environmental consultants; engineers; planners; landscape professionals; stewardship organizations; private landowners.

Participants are issued a certificate upon completion of the course.

Travel by comfortable motor coach to several wetlands in central and southwest Ontario to view various types of restorations in different management situations. At each wetland, participants are involved in written and practical exercises. Small group work, assessment and presentation are all an integral part of the hands-on learning approach to the course. Visited locations have included:

==> North River watershed
==> Matchedash Bay Provincial Wildlife Area
==> Penatangore River watershed
==> Penetanguishene Harbour
==> Greenock Swamp
==> Luther Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area
==> Norfolk County Wetland Drain Project
==> Second Marsh watershed

Dan Mansell instructing at Luther Marsh P.W.A.


Kevin Erwin, a wetland restoration ecologist from Fort Myers, Florida, leads this course. Mr. Erwin consults and works on restoration projects throughout North America and around the world.
Mr. Dan Mansell, a Peterborough, Ontario ecological consultant (and past member of the course development team), also provides his expertise. Field staff from partner organizations also contribute their expertise at selected sites.

$2550.00 CDN
The cost covers 5 nights comfortable motel/hotel accommodations, all meals, travel, course tuition and materials.

How to Apply:
Use the electronic application form at: www.trentu.ca/wsc/wetlandrestorecourse.shtml The form can be sent electronically or by fax. For information contact:

Leslie Collins, Course Coordinator
Watershed Science Centre
Trent University, 1600 West Bank Dr.
Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8
705-755-2269, fax: 705-755-2276
email: lcollins@trentu.ca

Space is limited. A selection process may be applied to ensure that a range of agencies, organizations and disciplines are represented.

For more information and photos visit our website: www.trentu.ca/wsc/training.shtml

Financial aid is available for qualified Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources staff.

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