Ramsar Study Tour to a new French Ramsar site, June 2003


 Ramsar Bureau Study Tour

Sunday, 1 June 2003

Visit to the Bassin du Drugeon Ramsar site, France {file 2}

Having spent the morning squishing all about the new Ramsar site [see file 1], fading participants sought lunch.

A quick two-hour lunch in the Restaurant "Les 2 Lacs", right between two lakes, not far from the Ramsar site.

At the nearby Maison de la Réserve at Lac de Remoray, a newly-built wetland education centre with displays on wetland habitats in general and on the local site in particular (above).
Tobias Salathé (orange) translates as Head officer Bruno Tissot explains the history and purpose of the wetland centre. M. Tissot is a national park officer paid by the French government, but the rest of the staff of the centre are employees of the NGOs which operate the centre in collaboration with a consortium of the local villages.

Liazzat views the exhibits in the wetland education centre of Lac de Remoray.

A fox that never moves, ever.

On the way home over the mountains to Switzerland, the Ramsar-led party stops at the source of the river Doubs in its karst epiphany from under the mountain.

The Bassin du Drugeon, between Frasne and Bonnevaux, in the northwest corner; the Lac de Remoray, in the centre; the Source of the river Doubs at the bottom; and the Swiss frontier on the south.

Photos by Sandra Hails, Tobias Salathé, Dwight Peck.

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