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Press Release March 28, 2003


During the week of March 24 through the 31, the city of Santa Cruz is hosting a Puppet Festival organized by the "Duendes de la Caverna" (Cave Goblins) and the Municipal Cultural authority. Among its participants are a group of 9 children known as "Club Pantanal Otuquis" from the city of Puerto Suarez, located in the Bolivian Pantanal.

The Club was formed entirely by the initiative of the children who are all students at different schools in the Puerto Suarez area. Their ages range between 9 and 12 years old and they are all eager to contribute to the conservation of the Bolivian Pantanal through various activities - including puppet shows.

The Club was established in October 2002 and is supported by WWF Bolivia's Information Center, also located in Puerto Suarez, from which various activities are developed to raise awareness regarding the valorization, sustainable use and protection of natural resources and the environment. The main objective of the Center, implemented by WWF and the National Service for Protected Areas, is to support the new generation of inhabitants from the region (Pantanal) in developing sound environmental values to ensure the sustainable use and management of their natural resources and thus, the conservation of the ecoregion as a whole.

The Center is one of the components of the conservation program developed by WWF Bolivia in the Pantanal - considered one of the best conserved freshwater ecosystems in the world and thus, of international importance.

The Club Pantanal Otuquis will carry forward their conservation messages as spokespersons for the conservation of the Bolivian Pantanal hoping to raise awareness and also, "call to action" inviting the public to join their commitment to protect the environment.

Their debut is scheduled for Saturday March 29. The show is entitled "Los Batos del Pantanal" (The Jabirus from the Pantanal) and depicts the negative and damaging consequences of fires and how they affect the conservation of this wetland.

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Ana Alicia Eid, Communications Coordinator, WWF Bolivia, Santa Cruz.
Tel: (591-3) 34306093 - 3430641 - Email: aliciaeid@wwfbolivia.org

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