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Earthwatch is a science and education charity that provides financial and volunteer support for scientific field research, in order to generate objective research data, promote public understanding, and take the action necessary for a sustainable environment. In the last 32 years, Earthwatch has enabled scientists to conduct research in marine, life, earth and social sciences on over 2,800 projects in 118 countries.

Research grants are available for field-based projects led by researchers with either a Ph.D or equivalent experience. The application procedure involves the completion of a preliminary proposal, which, if successful, is expanded to a full proposal covering all scientific and logistical aspects of the project. The full proposal is subjected to a peer review to ensure that only a high standard of research is supported. On average it takes 9 to 12 months from the submission of a preliminary proposal to fielding the project. Field research projects in the following disciplines are currently being supported:

Conservation Biology Marine Biology Archaeology
Botany Mammalology Palaeontology
Ornithology Geology Human & Social Sciences

In addition to enthusiastic and committed field assistants and associated funding, collaboration with Earthwatch (Europe) offers opportunities for additional grants (e.g. for communications), assistance with dissemination of results, training guidelines and workshops - all with support from our experienced team of staff.

For further proposal details please contact:

Dr Michael Humphries (
Nathaniel Spring (

Tel: +44 (0)1856 318 824

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