Delmar Blasco leaves the Ramsar Bureau, 31 July 2003


Message from the outgoing Secretary General

While I have sent farewell letters to the Ramsar Administrative Authorities in the Contracting Parties and to a number of collaborators in the wide Ramsar network, this being my last day in office I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have assisted me in the discharge of my duties as Ramsar Secretary General.

In particular, I want to pay tribute to my colleagues at the Ramsar Bureau, both to those who are here in Gland and in Athens today, but also to all those who worked for Ramsar in previous years. Our daily focal points in the Parties, the STRP members and CEPA and STRP focal points also deserve my sincere gratitude.

I wish all success to the new Secretary General, Dr. Peter Bridgewater, who will be at the helm as from next Monday, the 4th of August. Peter brings with him a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom, and I am sure that he will assist the Convention in a magnificent way to continue its progress.

As from 1 September, I will settle in Catalonia (Spain), the land of my ancestors, where I will start a consultancy and translation/editing activity. As from now, my provisional e-mail address is

My warm regards to the wide Ramsar family from around the world. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be part of it.

Delmar Blasco

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