Cahier thématique "les zones humides et l'eau" /


Cahier thématique " les zones humides et l'eau "

Thematic journal "Wetlands and water"

The Programme National de Recherche sur les Zones Humides (National Research Programme on Wetlands), launched in 1995 by the French government, is part of the inter-ministerial action plan for wetlands. Co-financed by the Water Agencies and the Ministries of Environment, Equipment and Agriculture, this programme aims to give key elements for a wise use and sustainable management of these habitats. In a global effort to develop the knowledge and share experience, the NRPW brings out its first thematic journal "Wetlands and water". This book will be followed in 2004 by similar publications on the themes of "Inventory and characterization of wetlands" and "Wetland management". This first journal makes the synthesis of the main results of this national programme on the issue of water and water flow, based on the research carried out on wetlands representative of the diversity of the situations. It tackles subjects such as carbon in peatlands, small wetlands in valley bottoms, micropollutant agents, supplying water of alluvial plains, dynamics of oxbows, nitrogen in wetlands, estuarine mud plain, etc. For each case, the details of a contact person are mentioned.

The Web site of the NRPW presents the contents of the research projects and a certain number of reports are downloadable from: The thematic journal is available from:

-- reported by Estelle Gironnet, Ramsar

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