World Wetlands Day 2002: Bulgaria


From: Gina George [SMTP:]
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 10:29 AM
To: HIGGINS Valerie - Ramsar

Subject: Bulgaria WWD

Thank you for your quick response. I hope receive the WWD items by Feb.2nd.

Here is a short notation about planned activities for WWD 2002.

1) The environment and education departments of the municipality of Pomorie are organizing a youth fieldtrip to a biodiversity center "PODA" on Feb.2nd. There will be wetland displays, videos, and presentations as well as the possibility for birdwatching from a viewing platform. Local students and Eco-scouts group will participate.

We are also extending the special day to include the entire week of Feb.4th-8th.

2) The schools will hold an environmental competition/game, where the older students teach the younger classes about wetlands. Prizes will be awarded. Students will also create wetland drawings with environmental slogans to be distributed throughout local stores and businesses.

3) We will also develop a poster display using Ramsar information and students drawings in the cultural/museum.

4) There is also a possibility to incorporate the cultural and traditional aspects of our local wetlands by displaying a salinas/salt production theme in the museum with students and teachers visiting once during the "wetland week".

5) We are planning an evening conference to be held at the museum, with guest speakers discussing the local lake, birds, Ramsar convention, wetlands etc. This will be the general informative meeting by which to begin the NGO "Friends of Pomorie Lake" with interested participants.

6) We are discussing a radio competition, with one wetland question a morning and the caller with the correct answer receiving a prize. Prizes donated locally. We are also looking into the feasability of creating a environmental commercial by students to be used on local t.v.

These are the ideas at this point. I will let you know more after the events about what actually occurred and scan some photos.

Best wishes, Gina George US Peace Corps-Bulgaria

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