World Wetlands Day 2002: USA


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South Slough, Oregon

4 February 2002

Hi Valerie!

WWD 2002 here at South Slough was a bit low key as I did not have sufficient advance time to plan for it. Along with that, we're still under construction so that kind of limited what I could do as well. I had hoped that we would be finished with construction, but that didn't happen!

The local newspaper ran our news release and we were also featured in the monthly "wildlife" column in the local newspaper. Information for the column came from your web site and RAMSAR was mentioned as the source for the information. We featured WWD 2002 on our web site and the local Chamber of Commerce placed the information on their web site.

I did take our flyers and the stickers to the local Chamber of Commerce meeting and promoted WWD 2002 there. And that was a great thing for us as one of our legislators and one of our board members were in attendance!

I displayed all the material that you had sent to us at the Reserve and shared them with the staff. They were quite impressed with the quality!

Finally, in answer to a request for wetland information by a school group in Eugene (about a 2 hour drive north of here inland) I am sending the remaining material that I have (saving a sample for files for next year) to the teacher so that he can use them for his classroom.

So, while it was low key, it did promote wetlands awareness locally and the material continues to educate by going to the school teacher in Eugene. And because of the news release that went to the chamber of commerce, that opened up a dialogue about our providing a video tape for them to play for visitors at the visitor center.

Thanks so much for sending the material. I look forward to planning something this fall!


Trisha Neal
Public Involvement Coordinator
South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

Charleston, Oregon

Dedicated to Research, Education, and Stewardship
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