World Wetlands Day 2002: New Zealand




Events/Activities Confirmed to 17 January
So far 25 events and activities are confirmed.

§ Flaxmill wetland event or Jack Bisset wetland "plantathon" (Fish and Game)
Contact: Graham White 09 438 4135

§ Launch of National Wetland Centre and 2002 Gamebird Habitat Trust Board Stamp(NZ Wetlands Trust and Fish and Game)
Contact: Shonagh Lindsay 09 360 5801
§ Media tour of Waikato wetlands at risk (Fish and Game)
Contact: Shonagh Lindsay 09 360 5801
§ Waipa Peat Lakes Wetlands Accord Signing: Lake Ngarotoa. Feb 1. (DoC, Environment Waikato, Fish and Game)
Contact Grant Barnes 07 856 7184
§ Waionui Estuary fieldtrip and barbecue - South Kaipara Head (Forest and Bird, Auckland Regional Council, South Kaipara Head Landcare Group)
Contact: Sarah Gibbs 09 303 3079

§ Estuarine Wetlands Expo in Tauranga - Matua Wetland (Environment BoP, Landcare Trust, DoC, Fish and Game, District Councils)
Contact: Marie Long 07 357 5501

§ VIP flights over distressed wetlands (Fish and Game)
Contact: Blake Abernethy 04 477 6118
§ Display Wellington Airport (Fish and Game)
§ National media releases and information to national media outlets on "New Zealand's fast disappearing wetlands")
§ Wetlands section on
Contact: Graham Ford 04 499 4767

§ Wetlands tour (Taranaki Regional Council, Fish and Game)
§ Feature in Daily News (Taranaki Regional Council, Fish and Game)
Contact: Rusty Ritchie 06 765 7127

§ Bus tour of Blenheim vineyards wetlands and Para wetland. Includes launch of Marlborough wetlands inventory (Fish and Game and Forest and Bird)
Contact: Lawson Davey 03 544 6382

§ Bus tour of peat wetland in Glenroy (Ngai Tahu, DoC, Fish and Game)
Contact: Ross Millichamp: 03 366 9191

West Coast
§ Museum display (DoC)
§ Field Trip TBA (DoC)
Contact: Hokitika Conservancy DoC 03 755 8301

Central South Island
§ Field trip to look at wetland problems at Ealing Springs
§ Visit to Langden Wetlands at Lamour, Ashburton, to see release of Canterbury Mudfish (Ashburton Forest and Bird, Fish and Game)
Contact: Jay Graybill 03 615 8400

§ Half page feature in the Otago Daily Times (Fish and Game)
§ "Plantathon" at Waitepeka wetland (Fish and Game)
Contact: Richard Fitzpatrick: 03 477 9076

§ Bus tour of best Southland wetlands (Fish and Game)
Contact: Zane Moss 03 215 9117

Presentation of National Wetlands Awards 2002
§ Four DOC conservancies will be presenting the awards to winners (DoC).
Contact Lucy Taylor 04 471 3139
§ National media release announcing winners (DoC)
Contact: Sue McCabe: 04 471 0726

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