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27 June 2002

Dear Colleagues

Wetlands International 2002-2005 Strategy

I am delighted to present to you the Wetlands International Strategy for 2002-2005.

The strategy is the culmination of 2 years collaborative effort from staff, members and partners to re-organise our program activities into a truly integrated global plan and provide the basis for enhancing our profile as a major wetland conservation organisation.

The strategy re-defines and clarifies our niche. It presents a clear vision for the future and describes our major aims for the next 4 years. It portrays our organisation as a science-based international provider of information and advice for the wise use of wetlands worldwide. It also positions us alongside other organisations that support the wise use of wetlands. In doing this we have emphasised that Wetlands International is a unique organisation and that we are prepared to work collaboratively and constructively with established partners and others who share our vision.

The strategy also provides a foundation to guide governance and staff as they develop mechanisms to build on our past successes. It also strongly supports the development and continuation of constructive dialogue and collaboration with key partners and other science-based organisations as well as our own specialist group networks.

The Strategy encompasses all staff, governance, partners, sponsors and other stakeholders. It is also an integrated package; failure to achieve in one area will undermine efforts in others. Thus, we need to work across all areas equally and be prepared to continually assess and reassess our programs and modus operandi. In doing this we will work to our strengths, seek advice from others and invest in our staff and outcomes.

We have heeded the lessons of the recent past and will implement management and governance processes that support the strategy and the staff entrusted with achieving our vision. To do this we need to critically review all our operations and take definite steps to meet our newly agreed targets and outcomes. Unless we produce tangible outcomes and develop ongoing goodwill we will fail. The latter is not our intent and our efforts need to demonstrate this.

As we embrace the strategy I would like to thank all members of our network who have contributed to its development and encourage them and others to ensure that we can look back on this triennium as one of constructive change and achievement. For this to occur the strategy needs to be owned not only by staff but all of the Wetlands International network. I feel that not only is this necessary but it is achievable.

On behalf of the Board of Directors who recently reviewed the strategy in great detail, I commend the strategy to you and ask you to work together and make a difference. Wetlands International has a proud history and we can have a prosperous future if we embrace the challenges the future will bring.

Thank you all for our anticipated success in meeting our common aims and targets.

Additional copies of the Strategy are available from any WI office and it can be downloaded from www.wetlands.org.

Yours faithfully

Dr Max Finlayson
Wetlands International

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