Symposium on wetland restoration in Asia, Nanjing, September 2002


Nanjing International Wetlands Symposium Convened in China

The Nanjing International Wetlands Symposium (NIWS), which was sponsored by Chinese State Forestry Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Provincial Government, Society of Wetland Scientists, and organized by Nanjing Forestry University, was convened successfully in Nanjing, China, September 10 - 13, 2002. All the participants of NIWS were more than 100, including from China, US, UK, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, etc.

The conference focused on Wetland Restoration and Management: Addressing Asian Issues through International Collaboration. The objective of NIWS was to provide a forum for synthesizing existing knowledge about ecosystem processes as a foundation for effective wetland restoration and management in Asia.

Dr. Carl Trrttin (US Forest Service), Dr. R. Stewart (US National Wetland Research Center), Academician Sun Honglie (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr. C. Richardson (Duke University), Dr. E. Maltby (University of London, UK), Dr. W. Mitsch (Ohio State University), and other scientists have attended the conference and provided the excellent presentations. NIWS has successfully provided a forum to exchange information on approaches for effective, functional ecosystem restoration and management. In addition, NIWS could improve the conservation, management and restoration of wetlands in Asia, especially in China through international collaboration.

-- reported by Bao Daming

A Scene of Nanjing International Wetlands Syposium

All Participants of Nanjing International Wetlands Symposium

Welcome remarks by Ms. Yin Hong, Chinese State Forestry Administration

Welcome remarks by Ms. Colleen Charles, US Geological Survey

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