Sweden enlarges nine Ramsar sites


Effective 19 November 2001, the Government of Sweden designated 21 new Wetlands of International Importance and expanded the boundaries of nine previously-designated Ramsar sites. Descriptions of the newly-named sites will appear here soon, but in the meantime, here is a brief listing of the new extensions.

Dättern (first designated in 1974), a bay at the southwest end of Lake Vänern, has been extended from 3,920 to 4,010 ha to include part of the river Nossan that is important for spawning asp (Aspius aspius).

Getterön (1974), a former island now become a shallow coastal embayment on the west coast, has been extended from 340 to 450 ha.

Gotland, east coast (1974), a composite site made up of five Nature Reserves and three Bird Sanctuaries among low-lying coastline and small islands on the coast of this large Baltic island, has been extended from 4,220 to 4,900 ha.

Helgeån (1974), along the lower part of the largest river in southeastern Sweden, noted for its innovative nature tourism activities, has been extended from 5,480 to 8,050 ha.

Hornborgasjön (lake) (1974), site of one of the most successful and innovative lake restoration projects in the world, has been extended from 6,370 to 6,510 ha.

Horvan area (river) (1989), associated with the Dalälven river, has been extended from 4,750 to 4,860 ha.

Kilsviken (1989), consisting of three bays and numerous islands in northeastern Lake Vänern, has been extended from 8,910 to 9,090 ha.

Stigfjorden (1989), a shallow marine bay on the west coast, with many islands, has been extended from 5,180 to 6,940 ha.

Svartån (river) (1989), a complex of four near-natural freshwater lakes connected by the meandering river Svartän, has been extended from 1,990 to 2,230 ha.

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