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on integrating biological diversity, wetland and river basin management

The River Basin Initiative on integrating biological diversity, wetland and river basin management (RBI) is a joint initiative by the Ramsar Bureau and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) being developed under the framework of the 2nd CBD/Ramsar Joint Work Plan. The Initiative aims to help Parties to the Conventions implement both the Ramsar Guidelines for integrating wetland conservation and wise use into river basin management (Resolution VII.18, Wise Use Handbook 4) and the CBD programme of work on inland waters biological diversity.

The River Basin Initiative is being developed on behalf of the two Conventions by the Global Environment Centre, Malaysia, which has established a River Basin Initiative secretariat to support the development and implementation of the Initiative.

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Descriptive brochure, February 2001
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National needs and contributions assessment on integrating biodiversity, wetlands and river basin management: survey questionnaire (Word 6/95)

Évaluation des contributions et des besoins nationaux pour intégrer la gestion de la biodiversité, des zones humides et des bassins hydrographiques

Cuestionario para evaluar las necesidades y las contribuciones de los países
Diplomatic notification 2001/4 (April 2001) - Note diplomatique 2001/4 - Notificación 2001/4
Ramsar Resolution VII.18 (1999)
Standing Committee decision SC25-9 (2000)
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