Ramsar CEPA workshop, November 2002 -- update and reminder


From: HAILS Sandra - Ramsar [mailto:hails@ramsar.org]
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 12:31 PM
To: ramsar-cepa-eng@indaba.iucn.org
Subject: [Ramsar-CEPA-Eng] A reminder - the CEPA workshop in November

Good afternoon CEPA-list Members:

A reminder for all of you of the up-coming CEPA workshop that will take place in Valencia as one of the Pre-COP8 events from the 15-17th November, 2002. The workshop is part of the 17th Global Biodiversity Forum (GBF) organized by IUCN in collaboration with Ramsar and other sponsors. It's a wonderful opportunity for the CEPA Focal Points, and others interested in wetland CEPA, to work together in the development and implementation of Ramsar's CEPA Programme.

Full details of the intended workshop content are on the GBF Web site at http://www.gbf.ch/desc_workshop.asp?no=27&app=&lg=EN&now=4. The full text of the message I sent out on 2 August, 2002 is now on the Web site at http://ramsar.org/outreach_cepaworkshop_en.htm so that you can remind yourself of the full details of the workshop.

In brief the workshop aims to:

1. Review the obstacles encountered in order to plan CEPA activities at the national level, and assist the Ramsar CEPA Focal Points in identifying practical solutions with the assistance of experts in this field, distribution of materials with case studies, and the exchange of experiences;

2. Introduce the notion of education for sustainable development (ESD) / education for sustainability (ES), and examine how to insert CEPA on wetlands within this new conceptual framework; and,

3. Consider practical steps for harmonizing CEPA work under Ramsar and CBD.

4. Study the draft CEPA resolution that will be introduced to COP8 to renew the Ramsar Outreach Programme for the triennium 2003-2005.

**Submission of Abstracts

There is still time for interested individuals to submit 1-2 page abstracts of possible presentations at the CEPA workshop. Presentations may be summaries of more conventional academic papers, may take the form of case studies, and/or oral or audio-visual presentations of a more diverse and informal nature, appropriate to the backgrounds and cultures of the potential speakers. Submissions must be made by Friday 13th September in order to be considered by the organisers. The decision on speakers will be finalised by the end of September and all individuals that have made submissions will be notified at this point.

**Workshop Funding and requests for support

We are immensely grateful for the financial support from the Conselleria de Medio Ambiente de Valencia (the Ministry of Environment of the Autonomous Government of Valencia) for the workshop. The funding will allow us to support a number of workshop participants from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, and it is our intention to focus, in the first instance, on the CEPA Focal Points, who are the key players in the implementation of Ramsar's CEPA Programme. Please direct your requests for support to me at hails@ramsar.org. Again, since time is very short please make your request by Friday 20th September.

All from me for the moment - and hope to meet many of you at the workshop in November.

Best wishes, Sandra Hails, Ramsar Bureau


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