4th European regional meeting on the Ramsar Convention, Bled, Slovenia, 13-18 October 2001


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4th European Regional Meeting on the Ramsar Convention, Bled, Slovenia, 13-18 October 2001

Report of the 4th European Regional Meeting


Agenda papers and pre-meeting documentation

Invitation to the meeting from Minister Janez Kopac
Annotated Agenda (Word), English, French
General Programme and Agenda (Word), English, French
Acknowledgements. List of Participants. List of Documents.
Aims of the Meeting (Word), English, French
Useful Information (Word), English, French

A preliminary overview of  National Wetland Policies in Europe (Informal Working Document)

Photos of the venue in Bled. Information about the Skocjan caves (E, F)

Agenda papers

Technical Sessions presentations and abstracts
(all in Microsoft Word)

[E = English; F = français]

3rd day Plenary
Texts by Bachmann (E), Claricoates (E, F), Lefebvre (E, F), Pritchard (E, F) and on the Millennium Assessment (E)

General introduction to the Technical Sessions

Workshop 1: Water management and wetlands
presentations by McCartney and Acreman (E), Matoz (E), Saur (E, F), Trumbic (E), Weiler (E, F)

Workshop 2: Synergies among conventions
Introduction by Skoberne (E), presentations by Dissing (E), Rizo (E, F), Silvestrini (E), Trombitzky (E), Yeo (E)

Workshop 3: Wetland inventory and monitoring
Introduction by Taylor (E, F), presentations by Costa and Finlayson (E), Moore and Yeo (E),  Nivet and Frazier (E), Silvius (E), Ximenes (E, F)

Workshop 4: Vision for the Ramsar List
Introduction by Yeo (E, F), presentations by Callaghan (E), Chevallier and Svazas (E), Chytil and Pokorny (E), Diringer (E), Jenderedjian and Vial (E)

Workshop 5: Managing for sustainable use
Introduction by Paulsen (E, F), presentations by Ahren (E), Alexander (E), Dumeige (E, F), Zalidis (E)

Workshop 6: Cultural aspects of wetlands
Introduction by Olivier (E, F), presentations by Mathevet and Jalabert (E, F), Papayannis (E), Picon (E, F), Viñals (E), Wiseman (E)
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