World Wetlands Day 2001: Czech Republic


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29 January 2001

Dear Dwight, some news dealing with celebration of WWD in the Czech Republic:

1. We are going to prepare two new Ramsar site candidates questionnaires (Krusne hory mires, Moravian Karst subterranean hydrological system). Very probably these two Ramsar sites will be the last ones in our country for a long time. These candidates (their nominations were already agreed by the Czech Ramsar Committee.

1.A.Moravian karst (the biggest karst system in the Czech republic) hydrological system represents a subterranean complex of the Punkva river and its tributaries, with a unique invertebrate fauna (including some endemics and more new species of earthworms, springtails (Collembola) and beetles for science. Criteria: 1 - 4. Area: 1,616 ha.

1.B. Raseliniste Krusnych hor (Mires of Ore Mts).represents an extensive complex of 30 mire islands on six main summit plains of the middle-mountains. Steep climate gradient from the rainy, cold and windy mountain summits to sheltered leeward slopes predisposed origin of a variety of mires, including patterned mires, forested raised bogs and two types with transient features of plateaux raised-bogs. Several mires are forested by Central European endemic species Pinus rotundata Link., most mires are occupied by vast krummholz stands of Pinus x pseudomilio. In the region one the deepest raised bogs of Central Europe occur. Criteria: 1 - 4. Area: ca 4,000 ha.

2. A press release dealing with WWD will be organized by Veronica Ecological Institute in Brno. The main themes will be the importance of wetlands and their main problems in the Czech Republic (focused on Ramsar sites).

3. A small exhibition will be opened in Trebon (small town, where the Administration of Protected.Landscape Area Trebonsko, body responsible for two Ramsar sites, is settled).

4. The most important item will be the final meeting concerning preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding of Trilateral Ramsar Platform (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia) in Bratislava. The signature of Memorandum is planned at the level of Ministries of Environment, the exact date will be discussed in Bratislava (earlier there was a plan of signing of Memorandum in WWD, but for more reasons we had to postpone it.......). The main organiser of this activity is the NGO Daphne (Ecological Institute, Bratislava).

Best regards,

Josef Chytil
Secretary, Czech Ramsar Committee

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