World Wetlands Day 2001: Croatia


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Monday, March 05, 2001 12:34 PM

Report about WWD 2001 in Croatia

As I announced previously, there were numerous activities in Croatia connected to WWD 2001.

wwd2001-croatia1.jpg (9408 bytes)Some of them were organised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning. The press-release was sent to all media explaining the WWD and its importance. On 2 february minister of environment Mr. Bozo Kovacevic, held a press conference about wetlands in Croatia, with the participation of directors of Croatian Ramsar sites management authorities. On this occasion the new poster (2 February - World Wetlands Day, showing the protected Mediterranean small wetland on island Pag, called Kolansko Blato) and the leaflet (Diversity of Wetlands in Croatia, versions in Croatian and in English language) for WWD 2001 have been presented. The WWD Exhibition was posted on 15 big panels in the hall of the building where the Directorate for the Protection of Nature is located. The exibition included 8 Ramsar Exhibition posters, with the text translated into Croatian language, as well as lot of pictures and texts describing diversity of wetlands in Croatia, Ramsar sites in Croatia and announcing the MEPPP new project Inwentory of wetlands in Croatia. The exhibition was posted until 12 February.

Several newspapers published informationsabout WWD and the minister’s press-conference. There was also a report in the central TV news. In the school TV morning program there was a 40 minutes show about wetlands and waterbirds in Croatia, with the participation of Mr. Darko Kovacic, the representative of the Ramsar site - Lonjsko Polje nature park. The radio-show for school children called Eco, eco dealt with the issue of wetlands. There were some questions asked and those who answered got new MEPPP WWD poster and leaflet [photo below].

NGO Green Action organised in Zagreb an open lecture about Ramsar site Crna Mlaka fishponds, given by Mr Vladimir Pfeifer, well-known nature photographer and promotor of nature protection in Croatia.

The Open University Dubrava in Zagreb organised a lecture about wetlands in Croatia given by Prof.Dr. Milorad Mrakovcic from the Faculty of Natural Sciences [photo below]. They also had an exhibition about wetlands and wetland flora and fauna that was opened for the public until 7 February. It showed different education materials about wetlands (posters, leaflets, books, calendars, videos, CD-ROM) and it was visited by many elementary and secondary school children.


Jasminka Radovic, Head of the Biodiversity and Landscape Department, Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Republic of Croatia [ ]

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