World Wetlands Day 2001: Albania


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Provisional Program on the occasion of the First Anniversary of Prespa Park and World Wetlands Day

On February second of the year 2000 the Prime Ministers of three neighbouring countries, on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day at Aghios Germanos in Greece, agreed that the Prespa Lakes and their surrounding watershed are unique for their geomorphology, their ecological wealth and their biodiversity, which gives the area significant internationl importance. Having in mind the importance of the region they concluded that there are needed the common action for nature conservation and development as well.

After one year on the ground we are looking at the optimistic steps and encouraging initiatives for the better future.

The Society for the Preservation and Protection of Natural Environment in Albania and EECONET Action Fund, in collaboration with Prespa National Park and the local NGO "Friends of Prespa Lake", on the occasion of the First Anniversary of Prespa Park will organize several activities in the period of 1st to 3rd of February.

The overal goal of the EECONET Action Fund and PPNEAs project is the support for the National Park Prespa and their motto is based on that the Ohrid/Prespa region is predestined to implement a comprehensive sustainable regional development aiming at the improvement of the living conditions of the local people.

The following activities are planned to be organised:

1) February 1st, in the morning: organization of the Prespa 2001 Mountain-climbing, by the Professional Alpinistic Team "Skenderbeu" of Korcha. The event is open for all other interested people from within and outside the region and the direction is the Pllaja e Pusit (2258 m) in the Dry Mountain. (Kristaq Shore)

2) February 1st, in the evening: the meeting of the Project team with staff of Prespa National Park and Council of the Park. In the meeting will been invited the representatives from GDFP, NEA and ADF. (Spase Shumka)

3) February 2nd in the morning: organisation of the painting exposition with the children from two schools (Liqenas and G.Vogel). (Cvetko Male and Ivan Terpo)

4) February 2nd in the morning: at the Building of the Administration and Education of Prespa National Park in Gorica e Vogel "Conversation on the topic dedicated to the World Wetlands Day, February second-Protecting Wetlands-We protect our future" (S.Shumka)

5) February 2nd afternoon the action for planting autochthonous trees in the territory of the Administration Building of NP and new school in G.Vogel. (K.Shore)

6) February 3rd: Seminar dedicated to National Park Prespa in Secondary School Liqenas. The speakers of the seminar: K.Shore, P.Andoni, M.Nedelko, S.Shumka, A.Miho, N.Dragoti will present the different materials concerning the NP.(S.Shumka, A.Miho and M.Nedelko)

7) February 3rd: Activities for the cleaning of the roads in village Liqenas and Kallamas. (K.Vojo and V.Vangjelofska).

 This program will be sent to:

GDFP, NEA, ADF, Ministry for Economic Cooperation of Albania, Ministry of Agriculture, Korcha Prefecture, Galicicha NP (Macedonia), Society for the Protection of Prespa (Greece), Ramsar Bureau, MedWed Initiative, GTZ Tirana, GTZ Kamza, KfW Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences at U.Tirana, WB Ohrid Conservation Project, WB Forestry Project Tirana etc…

For further information contact:

Tel.Fax. 04 2 22 839 and

(Dr. S.Shumka)
Prespa National Park
Tel. 0824 60 94

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