World Wetlands Day 2001 - 30th anniversary posters, fairly attractive stickers


Stickers and Posters available free from the Ramsar Bureau

Ramsar 30th Anniversary poster

2 February 2001 is the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in the city of Ramsar, Iran, and a new poster has been developed to commemorate the Convention's work in alleviating the worst effects of the continuing loss of wetland functions around the world. This sobering outreach item is guaranteed to cast a long shadow over any festive occasion and invite earnest inquiries about what we can do to reverse present trends, and it's available in reasonable quantities in the three Ramsar languages.

30th-poster1.jpg (40664 bytes)

(Please note: a copy of this poster has already been sent by post to all subscribers to the Ramsar Newsletter, in the appropriate language version.)

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And . . .

The Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands is pleased to offer reasonable numbers of last year's colorful  9-cm. (3.5-inch) diameter World Wetlands Day stickers to all fans of WWD.   There are five designs by Saatchi and Saatchi, each of them printed in the three Ramsar working languages: English, French, and Spanish.  Just write to Valerie Higgins ( and request any reasonable quantities to be sent to you in the post.

The JPG versions of the stickers may also be freely reproduced as required. (Because of the photographer's copyright on the photo, pictures of the poster above may not be reproduced in any form.)

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