World Wetlands Day 2001: Yugoslavia


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17 January 2001

World Wetlands Day in Yugoslavia

Dear Ms Inga Racinska

First of all We would like to thank You for sending us promotional material, and to ask You to accept our apologies for sending the same message about the materials by mistake again. We also hope that the material will arrive on time, so we can properly use them. We are very pleased to introduce our Institution and activities that we are planning for the Wetland Day to You.

The Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia was founded in 1948. The central activity of the Institute is protection of regions, ambiental units, plant and animal species, and complementary activities are education of wide circle of public in nature protection, publishing, promotion and presentation of natural heritage of Serbia. Up to now we have succeeded in protecting about 1200 natural assets and 5% of territory of Serbia, and by year 2025 we plan to protect 10% of the territory . One of the basic principles in our work is cooperation with all interested partners in protection of nature, so we developed excellent cooperation with numerous scientific, government and non-government organizations in the country and abroad. The Institute is a member of several relevant international organizations in this area of activity: IUCN, ProGEO and Europarc Federation. More information about the Institute You can find on the Web site:

While organizing events in celebration of important environmental dates we are trying to raise public awareness of needs, necessity and benefits of right treatment of natural assets. That is why in the week of the World Wetland Day 2001 our experts who are involved in protection of wetland areas in Serbia will be quests in the several TV and radio environmental programs. The main event will be organized on the February 2nd in the Nature reserve "Obedska bara", which is on the Ramsar Sites List. There we will organize the meeting on the theme Wetland areas : Problems and solutions of protection - benefits for all. Several presentations will be organized on the topic (wetland areas and actions for their protection), as well as discussion and site seeing of the "Obedska bara", nature reserve. Participants of the meeting will be local people, journalists, managers of the wetland areas and relevant GO and NGO organizations.

If You are interested we can send You a report of the event, and If You have any questions please feel free to contact us


Natasa Panic
Institute for Protection of Nature of Serbia [nature@net.yu]

See a later report on the event.

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