World Wetlands Day 2001: Pakistan


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Dear Ramsar People:

I hope that the following text and the attached graphics files in JPEG format are of use to you . . . . . The first file is the project logo and the second shows the relationship between Broghil Lake in the Northern Areas territory and the wetlands in adjacent Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China - all part of the crucially important Upper Indus Flyway.

Pakistan will be celebrating World Wetlands Day on February 2nd, 2001 by holding a National Workshop on Wetlands Conservation in the capital city, Islamabad. The inaugural address will be given by the country's progressive Minister of Environment, The Honourable Omar Asghar Khan. The occasion will be attended by around 145 of Pakistan's leading conservationists and representatives of prominent NGOs.

This national event follows a series of four regional workshops which were held in each of the wetlands eco-regions identified during the planning phase of the Protection and Management of Pakistan Wetlands Project. The initiative is being supported by the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Environment Facility. It is the planning phase of a project whose primary objective is to develop a series of sustainable, community-based management models for three or four globally important wetlands complexes in Pakistan.

Pakistan's Federal Ministry of Environment is the executing agency for the project and has appointed WWF-Pakistan to implement the programme. Progress made by mid-January, 2001, included the design and commissioning of a comprehensive wetlands database by the staff of WWF's Geographic Information System Laboratory. The database now houses comprehensive data for 115 of the country's wetlands. Satellite images have been used to identify and plot some of the less known wetlands in the high alpine, northern regions of the country.

During the next phase, rapid ecological and socio-economic surveys will be carried out on a short-list of 10 - 12 wetlands from which the final choice will be made for the long-term project proposal to the Global Environment Facility.

For more information about the project contact Pakistan's Wetlands Team at  

Kind regards


Richard Garstang, Project Manager, Protection and Management of Pakistan Wetlands Project, c/o WWF-Pakistan, Ferozepur Road Box 5180 Lahore - 54600

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