World Wetlands Day 2001: Trinidad and Tobago


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Susan Shurland-Maharaj ( ), Public Relations/Information Officer at the Institute of Marine Affairs, reports: "The work of the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) in Trinidad, West Indies, involves public education, outreach and awareness. In order to sensitize the public to marine environmental issues, we set up 2 years ago a Marine Education Centre for lectures and exhibitions to all members of the public. The IMA is also represented on a local Wetlands Committee, through which we receive all up-to-date information on Ramsar activities. We have received your fact sheets on wetlands and related information on World Wetland Day 2001, and have browsed your web site for further information. In addition, as you are aware, our Nariva Swamp, where the IMA has conducted extensive research, has been designated a Ramsar Site. For several years, we have been involved publicly in World Wetlands Day events. As such, our marine education component is now in the process of setting up an exhibition at our Centre, in commemoration of World Wetlands Day 2001. Here is a list of activities we have planned for World Wetlands Day: - A large billboard outside the IMA announcing WWD and our Open Day (exhibition). - A newspaper article on WWD about the values of Trinidad and Tobago's Wetlands. - The airing of a radio series on the topics mangrove swamps, seagrass beds and coral reefs. - An exhibition at the IMA highlighting: map showing the location and types of wetlands in Trinidad and Tobago; Ramsar background and definition of wetlands; satellite images of our wetlands; 'from our files' newspaper articles on wetland issues; a mangrove display with specimens from our swamps; a slide show, video, book and trinket display on wetlands; and our updated brochure on mangroves for distribution. - Other types of publicity on wetlands."

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