World Wetlands Day 2001: Sweden



Celebration of World Wetlands Day in Sweden

Dear Dwight, Let me just briefly mention some activities that took place in Sweden in relation to World Wetlands Day.

As usual all wetlands in Sweden were covered by ice, most of them also by snow. Everything was calm, the only thing that could be heard was the mourning sound from the wetland conservationists, sighing over the fact that WWD has to be celebrated in the coldest month of the year.

But perhaps more interesting is that, in spite of the deep cold, some activities took place that was related to the WWD. This is what I have found out so far:

1. WWF- Sweden, the Swedish Ornithological Society and the Swedish Nature Conservation Society jointly issued a pressrelease, focusing on Ramsar, the need for an extension of the Swedish Ramsar List (21 new sites are under consideration by the government) and the importance of avoiding intrusion into one ot the established Ramsar sites when planning a new railroad.

2. A seminar was organised in the Ramsar site of Getterön (Swedish Westcoast). The purpose was to improve cooperation between some of the most important wetland sites in Sweden, primarily in the area of management, information and marketing. The seminar, which gathered several people from southern Sweden, is a part of a EU project, meant to promote people to visit wetlands.

3. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency introduced up-to-date information about Ramsar, wetlands in general and WWD on its website. Moreover, in its monthly journal, information about the 2nd February celebration was given.

4. In the Ramsar site of Helgeå (southern-most part of Sweden), the Municipality of Kristianstad informed about the WWD on its website. 10 days later more than 700 people had visited the site.

5. In one town (Strängnäs), close to a newly proposed Ramsar site, the local NGOs celebrated the WWD by organising an exhibition, inviting the public and the press. Information material from the Ramsar Bureau have been used. Also in the Municipal Hall, information was given in relation to the WWD.

6. An unknown number of newspapers have mentioned the WWD and referred to the Ramsar Convention.

That´s all that has come to my knowledge so far.

Kind regards, Torsten

Torsten Larsson
Naturvårdsverket/Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
S-106 48 Stockholm Sverige/Sweden
Tel. +46 8 6981391 Fax +46 8 6981662

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