U.S.A.'s National NGO Ramsar Committee announces small grants program


[The Ramsar Bureau is delighted to pass on the news of the inauguration of a new small grants fund for assisting Ramsar sites in the United States. The US National Ramsar Committee is composed of leading non-governmental organizations that are concerned with wetland conservation and wise use. The new initiative is not a programme of the Ramsar Bureau itself. -- Web Editor.]

U.S. National Ramsar Committee

Small Grants Program

The U.S. National Ramsar Committee offers a Small Grants Program to assist wetlands conservation and awareness at and adjacent to U.S. Ramsar sites. Grants will be made on a matching funds basis to local organizations for projects to support various needs at these wetlands.

Eligible Projects: Examples of such projects include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • signage
  • trails or boardwalks
  • educational and outreach materials
  • educational and outreach programs
  • repairs or additions to the physical site – either to buildings or the wetland


A grant application must include the following elements:

  • Name, location and description of Ramsar site that will benefit from the proposed project.
  • Abstract summarizing the proposed project.
  • Description of the proposed project for which support is requested and how the small grant will further conservation objectives at this site.
  • Budget for the project, including the local match (5% minimum) and any other funding to be used. A sample form appears at the end of this announcement.
  • Description of the requesting organization.
  • Name, address, phone, fax and e-mail of the person responsible for managing the grant.

Preparation of the application:

  • Submit only typed pages; do not send videos, scrapbooks or other such materials.
  • Must not exceed 1,000 typed words.

Deadline for application submission: no later than COB November 1, 2000.

Notification of grant awards: December 1, 2000.

Once a grant has been awarded, the grantee must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Account for expenditure of all funds, including the local match, within 30 days following completion of the project.
  • Submit a Final Report, including photographs, if possible, within 30 days following completion of the project. This report should describe how the project was implemented, including achievement of objectives, unexpected successes/failures, and resolution of any problems encountered.


  • Proposals should be in the $500 to $1,500 range, and must include at least a 5% nonfederal match secured by the local grantee. The match may include in-kind as well as direct financial contributions.
  • Grants may not be used to pay salaries, transportation, or rental of space.

How to Apply: Submit your application no later than COB November 1, 2000, signed by the person responsible for managing the grant, to: U.S. National Ramsar Committee, c/o Terrene Institute, 4 Herbert Street, Alexandria, VA 22305; 703/548-5473.

Questions? Contact either Don MacLauchlan, 202/624-7890; donmac@sso.org; or Judy Taggart, 703/548-5473; jtaggart@erols.com.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has provided the grant to make the Small Grants Program possible.

Sample Budget Form

Materials $200
Equipment 0
Supplies 50
Printing 200
Contractual (e.g., carpenter, artist) 600
Personnel/labor 525
Recipient share (5%) $ 75
USNC Ramsar share $1,500

*Tasks will differ by type of project; use general categories specific to your project.

List of grants awarded in the first round, January 2001

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