Ramsar Secretariat Work Plan for 2006


Secretariat Work Plan 2006: key tasks and challenges

adopted by the 34th meeting of the Standing Committee


Staff weeks


Plan and review all outcomes from COP9


completed, and available as DOC. SC34-05 annex 2

Organise and hold Standing Committee 34


Held, successfully completed

Organise STRP for May 2006


Held, work programme for triennium agreed

Develop and maintain an adequate system for communication amongst STRP members


Improved awareness and interaction with and between STRP NFPs

Work with IOPs to ensure a common framework for assistance in delivering the Convention’s implementation, including work on ecosystem valuation


IOPs working with the Secretariat and together to better implement the Convention

Develop a new approach to improving the financial base for the Convention’s implementation


Revised and clearer chart of accounts prepared and in use

Arrange for occasional briefings of Missions in Geneva on activities taking place between Standing Committee meetings


At least two mission briefings held

Arrangements for briefings to Standing Committee members as required during the year, but at least in July and October


Briefings provided for Standing committee

Implement the CEPA Programme, and develop a more comprehensive plan for CEPA internally, including the activities undertaken with Danone Group and other private sector actors, through CEPA Oversight Panel


CEPA Panel met, determined future programme.  Better focus and understanding of CEPA activities

Seek to enhance the development of capacity building through the Ramsar advisory board on capacity building and developing regional centres


Ramsar advisory board engaged in promoting capacity building

Prepare materials and advice for WWD 2007


WWD 2007 materials prepared and dispatched

Continue to work with the Convention on Biological Diversity on the joint work programme


JWP continual delivery, regular contact with CBD Secretariat achieved.

Use proactively the Biodiversity Liaison Group and the Joint Liaison Group for the Rio Conventions to improve synergies


BLG meetings attended by SG or DSG

Promote the work of the Convention at important international meetings


SRA level at least attending and representing the Convention at key global and regional meetings important for the work of the convention.

Prepare WWF-IV outcomes paper


Paper distributed by August

With the working group, develop a new National Report framework for COP10


National report format developed and agreed for approval at SC35

Begin the planning process for the Strategic Plan for 2009 – 2014, with the working group


Initial format for SP developed for review by SC

With the Management Working Group, review the existing management structures of the Secretariat and Convention


MWG make and initial review of management structures, and decide those requiring in-depth review.

Initiate the review of decisions called for in IX.17


Action underway on the review by SC35

With the Host Government and with relevant bodies and agencies, develop options for the change of status of the Secretariat (Resolution IX.10)


Initial responses from external organisations received and discussed, draft possibilities proposed to SC

Manage the core funding support for, and evaluate the implementation of, agreed regional initiatives


Regional initiatives funded and operating.  Reporting structures established for funding allocations

Monitor implementation of COP9 Resolutions, especially IX.3, IX.4, IX.9, and IX.14 which need some new action


Implementation promoted through IOPs and Parties

With the Republic of Korea, develop and sign the memorandum of understanding for COP10, make an initial visit to Korea, and start the COP10 planning process


MOU finalised and signed with RoK.  COP10 planning documents organized and prepared.

Continue to review the effectiveness of memoranda of understanding with other organisations


All MOUs reviewed and replaced or annulled

Assist countries in the process of accession with any issues of clarification and development of the first RIS if necessary


Particularly Kazakhstan, Lao PDR, UAE and Yemen assisted for accession

Assisting Parties with convention implementation


Parties kept au courant with global actions, in regional context

Management and processing of RIS, etc.


All RIS submissions processed in a timely way

General Administration of the Secretariat and Convention


Parties and the public provided with an efficient and smooth service

Make representations to Parties in arrears with contributions – by July 2006


Visits made

Organise SC35


SC 35 organised

The staff week allocation is based on each staff full-time equivalent working 46 weeks a year, using a base figure of 20.2 full time equivalent staff for 2006 (Interns counted as FTE Staff).

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