Photo essay: High altitude wetlands of Pakistan


pakistan.gif (1429 bytes)Here are six fine photographs of high-altitude wetlands in Pakistan, illustrating a number of characteristic features of this wetland type. The pictures were sent to the Ramsar Bureau by WWF-Pakistan, which supplied the captions, and the photos were all taken by Hassan Zaki.

pakistan-wwf1.jpg (54259 bytes)

Peripheral, peat-lined lake adjacent to Karumbar Lake in the upper Karumbar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan (elevation 4,150 meters [13,615 feet]). Background: Karakoram and Hindukush mountains.

pakistan-wwf2.jpg (46257 bytes)

Extensive peat bog south of Lashkargahaz, Chitral District, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan (elevation 3,649 meters). Background: Hindu Raj Range.

pakistan-wwf3.jpg (43342 bytes)

A peat-lined tributary of the Yarghoon River near Lashkargahaz, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan (elevation 3,649 meters)

pakistan-wwf4.jpg (46941 bytes)

The braided bed of the Yarghoon River, north of Lasht, Chitral District, Pakistan (elevation 3,200 meters). Background: Hindu Raj Range.

pakistan-wwf5.jpg (39570 bytes)

Broghil Lake on the divide between Chitral and Ghizer Districts in Northern Pakistan. Background: Hindu Raj Cordillera.

pakistan-wwf6.jpg (29461 bytes)

Peat bog on Deosai National Park, Northern Areas, Pakistan (elevation 4,188 meters). Background: Himalayas.

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