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Posted to the Ramsar-CEPA-Eng list, 25 June 2001

[Ramsar-CEPA-Eng] Wetland Link International - latest news

Greetings CEPA List members:

wwtlogo.gif (468 bytes)Three weeks ago I promised an update on the Wetland Link International (WLI) programme of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT, a UK-based NGO) as it relates to Ramsar's Outreach Programme. Ramsar Resolution VII.9 identified wetland education centres as key locations for promoting the principles of wetland conservation and wise use through CEPA activities, and it also identified WLI as the key organisation to assist the Contracting Parties in this area of work. A full description of the roles of WLI, the Ramsar Contracting Parties, the CEPA Focal Points (Government and NGO), as well as the Ramsar Bureau, are laid out in paragraphs 47-49 of the Resolution guidelines (

Some years ago, WLI ran a very successful network of mainly wetland education centres, encouraging the sharing of information and exchange of expertise. The newsletter, which was the main organ of communication within the network, has not been produced for over two years due to lack of funding, but the organisation is still actively involved in new centre developments in Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, the USA, Belgium and the UK and has acted in an advisory and supportive capacity for projects in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Ghana - with more projects in the pipeline in Kenya and Chile.

The good news is that the WLI network, with new funding, is about to be re-developed. Doug Hulyer, who heads up WLI, is in the preparatory stages of the re-development and, indeed, the re-shaping of the whole WLI programme - and he would like your help.

Doug has prepared a discussion document that explains the WLI vision and asks for your input as CEPA practitioners to help chart the WLI future. I have attached his discussion document (Word 6/ 95) and it is also available on the Outreach mini-Web site at Please take a little time to read the document and give Doug some feedback and please also pass on this e-mail and attachment to any of your colleagues in wetland education centres in your country for their feedback.

With the professional expertise of WLI in developing wetland centres, the exchange of experiences and support between centres that the new WLI network can deliver, along with the combined supportive efforts of the Bureau and the CEPA Focal Points, I think our collaborative efforts will see wetland education centres delivering the wetland message on a global scale.

With best wishes,

Sandra Hails
The Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
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