Mangrove Action Project offers children's art calendar


(posted to the Ramsar Forum, 23 October 2001)

map-logored.gif (2859 bytes)Dear MAP Friends and Associates,

I am asking your help in promoting our 10th Anniversary Children's Art and Poetry 2002 Calendars which are finally available for sale as a fundraiser for Mangrove Action Project. The calendars look great, and can be viewed on MAP's website, which also has information on how to order them. (To view some of the beautiful images produced by the children, please visit MAP's home page at ).

This is a fundraiser for MAP, but has also been a great educational/ awareness raiser for more than 4500 students and teachers who participated from 14 nations in the South. Monica Gutierrez-Quarto did a fine job in putting this all together, and deserves a round of applause! However, what she is asking for at this moment is for all of our help in getting the word out for people to order these calendars soon.

We are having 2000 calendars printed. We have recently received a grant from the IUCN for $14,000 to help cover the costs of this project. We will use this for the printing, advertisement and mailing costs. Some of these calendars will be sent to each participating NGO in each country which can be used for local fundraising, or as gifts by the NGOs themselves. The rest of the calendars MAP will use as part of our own fundraising effort.

We figure that this will be a good way to do global outreach on mangrove forest issues, as well as raise some needed funds for MAP at this critical time. If any of you can help us sell these calendars, please do contact Monica at, and she can ship you those number of calendars that you are committed to selling for us.

We are also considering making this a joint fundraiser, whereby your NGO could actually take a percentage of the sales, thus allowing both MAP and other NGOs affiliated with our network to utilize the calendars as a useful and timely fundraising mechanism. Please let me know if this idea is of interest.

Our website lists the prices for those wanting to purchase calendars as $20 for those in Canada and the US, and $25 each for those outside of North America. This price includes shipping and handling. We realize this price may seem steep, but it is a way for new members to join MAP, and then receive a beautiful calendar in the exchange! If you are interested in obtaining some calendars to help us raise funds for MAP from your own location, we will ship these to you directly without charge. If you feel that our asking price is a bit high, we are OK with the idea of lowering this price to $14 per calendar for your own sales. You can then send us the total funds raised in the calendar sales after the first of next year.

We hope that you will be able to lend a hand here. The calendars make great gifts and are timely for the season! The funds raised will help strengthen MAP at this critical time in our restructuring process.

Cheers, Alfredo Quarto, MAP

P.S. Monica is currently working on getting the children's artwork and poetry displayed elsewhere. For instance, the artists that entered this contest whose work was sent to us will still have other opportunities to have their work displayed in a possible children's book about mangroves and on our "website galary" of children's art and poetry. Also, Monica is now working on an exhibit for the Seattle Children's Museum, so there is another important opportunity for the artists and poets who submitted their work from each country!

Alfredo Quarto, Executive Director, Mangrove Action Project, PO Box 1854, Port Angeles, WA 98362-0279 USA phone/ fax (360) 452-5866 <> mailto:   web site:


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