World Wetlands Day 2000: Slovak Republic


slovakia.gif (1513 bytes)Ministerstvo Zivotného Prostredia
Slovenskej Republiky, Bratislava
Division of Nature and Landscape Protection

Peter Straka, Director

February 17, 2000

Dear Mr. Blasco,

According to our promise I would like to update you about the events organised on the World Wetland Day (2nd February 2000) in the Slovak Republic. I am glad to inform you that the WWD gave us a good opportunity to promote sustainable use of wetlands among a broad public.

1. The following presentations and seminars were organised in the week of 24-28th January:

  • presentation on wetlands of international importance was held in Revuca
  • seminar on nature protection and public participation in Bratislava region was organised in Devinska Nova Ves on the occasion of the anniversary of declaration of Morava Aluvium Ramsar Site
  • 5th Zitnoostrovsky seminar was organised in Gabcikovo

2. on February 2nd, the Slovak Ramsar Committee met on the occasion of WWD. During the meeting held at the Ministry of Environment, there were discussed topics of wetlands mapping and updating of the Wetland Management Program.

3. on February 2nd, the Protected Landscape Area Zahorie organised dissemination of leaflets on importance of wetlands, wetland meadows and restoration of Morava and Dyje Rivers Floodplains. Also, video cassettes "Wetlands Without Borders" were distributed to all schools in the district of Morava River Floodplains and Aluvium Rudavy (both Ramsar Sites) - in total, 21 schools received education materials.

4. on February 4th, the Turiec Wetlands Diploma Ceremony was held in Martin in presence of chief representatives of district and local administration, and media representatives. The celebration was medialized in local TV Turiec, in Smer and Novy Zivot Turca newspapers.

5. on February 4th, the Slovak Radio broadcasted interviews on wetlands protection with the nature protection representatives and warden of the Sur Rainsar Site.

6. The Rolnicke noviny newspaper (Farmers news) published the article "Why do we Need Wetlands?"

7. On February 15th, Slovak Television presented project of Morava River meanders restoration, which was successfiilly implemented in Vysoka pri Morave area during 1999.

I would like to wish you every success in coming busy period. Sincerely yours,

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