UNFCCC SBSTA-12 side event on Wetlands, Water and Climate Change


Reprinted with thanks from Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB), http://www.iisd.ca/climate/sb12/side/mon.html

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Title: Wetlands, water and climate change. Sponsor: The World Conservation Union (IUCN) Contact: Brett Orlando, IUCN USA Multilateral Office ( borlando@iucnus.org ) Internet: www.iucn.org

This event explored the relationship between the climate change and Ramsar Conventions. Brett Orlando, IUCN, introduced participants to the organization’s work on climate change over the past 3 years. He noted the IUCN’s intention to focus on clarification of liability, adaptation options and carbon sink issues. Nick Davidson, Ramsar Secretariat, stated that Ramsar will address approaches to wetland management that help to mitigate climate change. Janos Pasztor, FCCC Secretariat, acknowledged that the FCCC has a role to play in linking the two conventions.

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Nick Davidson, Ramsar Secretariat, and Brett Orlando, IUCN USA Multilateral Office (Photo: ENB)

Mirna Verin, Honduras, talked about "Vulnerability of Honduras to Climate Change: The Mitch experience," noting that wetlands were among the areas worst affected after Hurricane Mitch. Rudd Jansen, Country Representative, IUCN Botswana Office, noted the relationship between water, wetlands and climate change and the impact of river floods in marginal areas and human settlements. Discussion: Participants commented on the benefits of implementing related environmental conventions, the recognition of synergies, including those operating at the local level, and the importance of agriculture in the context of carbon sinks. Janos Pasztor underlined the importance of public awareness, communications, and outreach.

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