Ramsar attends the 5th COP of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Nairobi, May 2000


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As the 5th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity gets under way in Nairobi, Kenya, here's a quick look at Ramsar planned participation in the COP and associated events. Secretary General Delmar Blasco and Regional Coordinator Anada Tiéga are already there, and Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson will be joining them for the second week.

gbf.jpg (6922 bytes)Ramsar personnel will be participating in:

1) The 15th Global Biodiversity Forum, organized by IUCN, on the theme of "Sharing the benefits from biodiversity".

2) The Organizing Meeting of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Board Executive Committee. The aims of the meeting are to:

a) review progress in establishing the institutional and financial infrastructure of the MA and take action as needed;

b) prepare recommendations to the MA Board for decisions at its July 2000 meeting;

c) review and expand nominations for Board and Assessment panel members,

d) establish working arrangements and meeting schedule for MA Executive Committee.

The MA assessment is spearheaded by the World Resources Institute. Other participants at this meeting will include UNEP's Executive Director, the Executive Secretaries of the Biodiversity and Desertification Conventions, the IPCC Chair, and representatives of the World Bank and GEF.

3) Participation in CBD COP5, where it is expected that the Ramsar-CBD Joint Work Plan 2000-2001 will be endorsed.

4) Participation in a side event to present the Ramsar/CBD River Basin Initiative and presentation of the Ramsar Toolkit.

In addition, Ramsar will be mounting for the first time the new Ramsar Exhibition, a very impressive thing (which will be unveiled on this Web site in the next few days), financed under the Evian/Danone project.

The Secretary General and the Regional Coordinator for Africa will also use the opportunity to meet with high-level Kenya Government officials to review the status of the implementation of the Convention in Kenya. The SG also plans to visit the Lake Naivasha Riparian Association, one of the winners of the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award in 1999.

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