Notes of the 9th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP)


9th Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel

Gland, Switzerland, 27-30 June and 1 July 200

List of Participants

Africa Dr Aboubacar Awaiss, Niger
Dr Harry Chabwela, Zambia
Mr Geoffrey Cowan, South Africa
Asia Professor Mohammad Shatanawi, Jordan (apologies)
Dr Angel Alcala, Philippines
Europe Dr Jan Pokorný, Czech Republic
Professor Toomas Saat, Estonia
Dr George Zalidis, Greece
Professor Peter Maitland, United Kingdom
Neotropics Dr Yara Schaeffer-Novelli, Brazil
Dr Jorge Jimenez, Costa Rica (Chair)
North America Mr Arthur Hawkins, USA
Dr Randy Milton, Canada (Substitute)
Oceania Dr Max Finlayson, Australia
BirdLife International Mr John O’Sullivan
Mr David Pritchard
IUCN Dr Jean-Yves Pirot
Ms Andrea Bagri
Dr Frank Vorhies
Ms Tomme Young
Wetlands International Mr Scott Frazier
Dr Douglas Taylor
Mr Henk Zingstra
WWF International Dr Biksham Gujja
Ms Musonda Mumba
Dr Chris Tydeman
Ramsar Standing Committee Mr Stephen Hunter (Chairman)
CBD/SBSTTA Dr Jan Plesnik (apologies)
CMS Scientific Council Dr Colin Galbraith (apologies)
Society of Wetland Scientists Dr Bill Streever
International Association of Limnology Professor Jean-Bernard Lachavanne (apologies)
International Mire Conservation Group Dr Richard Lindsay
Mr Andreas Gruenig
International Peat Society Dr Jack Rieley
Center for International Earth Science Information Network Dr Antoinette Wannebo
UNESCO/MAB Mr Salvatore Arico
INVITED EXPERTS Dr Mike Acreman (Institute of Hydrology, UK)
Mr Frank Alberts (RIZA, The Netherlands)
Dr Mike Alexander (Conservation Council for Wales, UK)
Dr Jorge Cortes (University of Costa Rica)
Mr Luis Costa (ICN, Portugal)
Mr Thanasis Partozis (EKBY, Greece)
Ms Joanna Treweek (International Association for Impact Assessment )
Mr Ivica Trumbic (Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Center – Mediterranean Action Plan/UNEP)
RAMSAR BUREAU Mr Delmar Blasco, Secretary General
Dr Nick Davidson, Deputy Secretary General
Ms Margarita Astrálaga, Regional Coordinator for the Americas
Mr Najam Khurshid, Regional Coordinator for Asia
Dr Tobias Salathe, Regional Coordinator for Europe
Mr Anada Tiega, Regional Coordinator for Africa
Mr Thymio Papayannis, MedWet Coordinator
Dr Dwight Peck, Executive Assistant for Communications (Rapporteur)
Ms Mireille Katz, Executive Assistant to the Secretary General (logistics)
Ms Paulette Kennedy, Finance Officer (finances)
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