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(posted to the Ramsar Forum, 20 September 2000)

Dear Colleagues,

The IUCN Environmental Law Centre would like to announce a new publication: "A Guide to Designing Legal and Institutional Frameworks on Alien Invasive Species" (Shine, Clare; Williams, Nattley; & Gündling, Lothar (September, 2000).

The goal of this Guide is to provide national law and policy makers with practical information and guidance for developing and/or strengthening legal and institutional frameworks on alien invasive species, consistently with Article 8(h) of the Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as pertinent obligations under other international instruments. It provides a structured framework for dealing with alien invasive species issues and contains illustrations and practical examples to assist in understanding the impact of alien species introductions. It complements the work of scientists, ecologists, and economists by demonstrating how laws and institutions can mutually support efforts to control and mitigate the impact of alien invasive species. Each chapter makes a link between the scientific approaches and legal tools, principles and approaches for delivering implementation.

The Guide is a culmination of two years' work by the IUCN Environmental Law Programme, through its Environmental Law Centre and the Commission on Environmental Law. It represents a collaboration with the Global Invasive Species Programme and IUCN ISSG and is the fourth in a series of IUCN publications aimed at supplementing IUCN's "Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity".

It is being published in English, French and Spanish. The Guide will be launched at the Synthesis Meeting of the Global Invasive Species Programme, to be held in Cape Town, S. Africa, 17-22 September. Full text electronic versions will be available in early October on the ELP Website at: []

For more information on how to order a copy: please contact IUCN Publication Services Unit, 219c Huntington Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DL, UK. Tel: ++44 (1) 223 277 894; fax: ++44 (1) 223 277 175; email: Email:  URL:

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