Honduras acts on threats to 1000th Ramsar site


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Responding to information supplied by non-governmental organizations and concerned citizens about threats to the Ramsar site called "Sistema de Humedales de la Zona Sur de Honduras" (Ramsar site no. 1000), Mr Delmar Blasco, Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands, within the context of Article 3.2 of the Convention requiring informing the secretariat of threats to Ramsar-Listed wetlands, sought clarification from the Administrative Authority in Honduras, and received the following reply from the Secretary of Natural Resources and the Environment of Honduras, Ms. Xiomara Gómez de Caballero, stating that: (unofficial translation by the Ramsar Bureau)

"Regarding the report submitted by CODDEFFAGOLF and other Honduran NGOs about Industrias Camaroneras at Ramsar Site #1000:

The Government of Honduras, through the Secretary of Natural Resources and the Environment, and other institutions in charge of protecting the environment in Honduras, carried out a series of inspections of the site and addressed the complaint presented by CODDEFFAGOLF. These actions resulted in the issuing of a resolution that denies the Environmental License requested by the developer, therefore deciding in favor of CODDEFFAGOLF, and ordering the repair of the damage caused to Ramsar Site 1000 .

The Honduran Attorney General of the Environment is also initiating civil and criminal procedures against the individuals accused of the damage caused in the area.

Although the Government of Honduras has acted responsibly to address a situation which had developed, it is necessary to establish procedures based upon our national laws so that arbitrary rulings are not made in similar cases."

Xiomara Gómez de Caballero
State Secretary
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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