European Regional Meeting set for Ramsar, in Slovenia, 2001


European Regional Meeting on the Ramsar Convention, sponsored by the Government of Slovenia, with the support of the Ramsar Bureau: 13-18 October 2001

In May 1999, the Slovenian Environment Minister informed COP7 about his invitation to host the European Regional Meeting on the Ramsar Convention in 2001. It will be held from 13-18 October in Bled.

The main objective of the regional Ramsar meeting is to prepare regional views or positions for the COP8. The more specific goals will be:

a) to analyse the progress made in the implementation of the Work Plan 2000-2002 and the Resolutions adopted by COP7;

b) to provide training in the use of the electronic version for the National Report format to be used for preparing the reports for COP8 and in the use of the series of Ramsar handbooks published in 2000;

c) to discuss and provide inputs for the preparation of the final draft of the Ramsar Strategic Plan 2003-2008;

d) to discuss the experience at the field level of joint implementation of the environment-related conventions with which Ramsar has Memoranda of Cooperation and/or a Joint Work Plan, in particular the Conventions on Biodiversity, Desertification, Migratory Species, and World Heritage;

e) to discuss perceptions by Contracting Parties of the Ramsar COP: pros and cons and how to improve it; and

f) to consider how Ramsar could improve its services to the region.

More information and programme will follow in due course. We are looking forward to meet you all in Slovenia!

(Racinska 10/11/00)

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