China National Wetlands Conservation Action Plan published


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Recently the China National Wetlands Conservation Action Plan has been published for implementation. The State Forestry Administration (SFA), as the focal point for Ramsar Convention implementation in China, announced that the Action Plan after consultation among 17 Ministries/Commissions has been approved by the State Council and put into implementation immediately.

At the News Conference Deputy Director of SFA Mr. Ma Fu pointed out that China, as a country with 65.94 million ha of wetlands, ranking 4th in the world in that regard, has some problems in wetlands management, especially the serious threats caused by human activities. Till now some 50% of coastal wetlands have been lost and nearly 1000 lakes have disappeared. Unwise use of wetlands has caused biodiversity to decrease significantly. The functions of wetlands from day to day have been weakened. We may identify many reasons of these phenomena; however, Mr. Ma further pointed out, one of the main reasons is lack of national unified action plan dealing with wetlands management. Now it is available. He strongly believed that the Action Plan would be helpful for awareness strengthening and government guidance.

The Action Plan constitutes 6 Chapters, i.e. Chapter I: Brief Account of Wetlands in China; Chapter II: Status Quo of Wetlands Management in China; Chapter III: Main Problems and Reasons in Conservation and Use in China; Chapter IV: Importance of Conservation and Use of Wetlands; Chapter V: Principles and Objectives of Wetlands Conservation and Wise Use in China; Chapter VI: Priorities of Wetlands Conservation in China.

The Action Plan has 5 appendices, including List of Important Wetlands in China; List of major species of water birds in China; List of Wetlands Nature reserves; Proposed Projects and Maps.

The Action Plan now is printed in Chinese only.

-- Reported by Li Lukang, Wetlands International China Programme,

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