World Wetlands Day 1999 in India


Activities reported for World Wetlands Day 1999

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03 February 1999

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Sub: World Wetlands Day 1999 Celebration in India

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that we have celebrated WWDay ‘99 in Assam, India, by organising a series of events.

In the morning a wildlife watch was organised for the school children at Deeper Beel, which is the largest wetland around the city of Guwahati and is very much threatened by encroachment, construction of a railway track, fragmentation, siltation, etc. Children were told about the importance of wetlands for the mankind. More than 30 students participated. Threats to wetlands and its consequences on their life were told. Children were told about simple efforts they can contribute to protect the wetlands in and around their area. A variety of activities, no-cost or low-cost based on locally available resource material, and small-scale action plans were explained which schools, eco-clubs and children can take up to study and know more about wetlands.

In the afternoon a seminar was organised. Importance of wetlands and the Convention on Wetlands were talked about. Two resource persons spoke about the Wetlands. One speaker focused on the wetlands of Guwahati city, the other on the Wetlands of Assam. This was followed by an open house discussion.

The event was reported very well by the local media. It was in the local news and also on Star News in the morning and evening on 3rd Feb. We will continue influencing media for more and better reporting on wetlands.

Staff of CEE North-East contributed three write-ups in the local newspapers. These were published. The details of the write-ups are: "Conservation of wetlands: need of the hour" by Amba Jamir in "The Sentinel"; World wetlands day and its relevance" by Rashmi Gangwar in "The Assam Tribune" and "A time to celebrate beauty of national wetlands" by Abdhesh Gangwar in "The NorthEast Daily" all appeared on 2nd February 1999. Clippings of all the press appearences are enclosed for your record and reference. Rashmi Gangwar and Amba Jamir are CEE members.

We reinforce our commitment towards wetlands protection and will keep you informed of the programmes we take up.

With best wishes,


(Dr. Abdhesh Gangwar)


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