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Activities reported for World Wetlands Day 1999

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Report on World Wetlands Day activities in Hungary

 The National Ramsar Administrative Authority (Ministry for Environment, Authority for Nature Conservation) has organised an expert meeting along with a press conference on 2nd of February, 1999 in Budapest, for celebration of World Wetlands Day. All relevant national governmental organisations, scientific institutions, research centres, NGOs, and representatives of the media have been invited to the meeting. Some 80 participants attended the programme, from Water Management Authorities, Ministry of Telecommunication, Transport and Water Management, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Universities of Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, and Pécs, as well as non-governmental organisations and of course the Ministry for Environment.

The morning session was formally opened by Dr. János Tardy, deputy state secretary, who outlined the present status of Hungarian wetlands, summarising the achievements of the nature conservation measures both on international and national level that were taken to improve their conditions for survival. Special emphasis was laid on international and national requirements concerning wetlands by Dr. Tardy, who finally expressed his deep appreciation for the remarkable achievements of the Ramsar Convention for wetland conservation.

Keynote presentation was held by Dr. György Dévai, President of the National Ramsar Committee on ecological determination of wetlands. Before lunch break Mihály Végh (Representative of East Europe in STRP) reported on the status of the criteria for identification of wetlands of international importance.

The press conference was held in the break. Representatives of the Hungarian radio as well as daily newspapers were present.

In the afternoon session the national park directorates gave account of their efforts in wetland restoration at Ramsar sites as well as other wetlands. This issue is a top priority and plans, maps, and colour slides were presented on these activities. Several projects have been financed by international or bilateral funds, which was underlined.

Finally, the new Ramsar logo was introduced to the participants and the media.

Joining to the main activities of WWD, BirdLife Hungary organised an event on 6th of February. This event was held at Öreg-tó, Tata Ramsar Site including early morning birdwatching and the inauguration of a birdwatching tower. Representatives of central and local governments, research institutes and non-governmental organisations participated as well as local inhabitants, schools on the event.

1999. február 5.

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