World Wetlands Day 1998 in the Bureau

The staff of the Ramsar Bureau, aware of the commendable efforts being made all around the world to make World Wetlands Day '98 a memorable occasion, could in conscience do no less than its best to demonstrate the same enthusiasm and dedication.  On 2 February 1998, therefore, just before noon, the computers got turned off, the corks got popped, AND . . .

wwd_bureau4.jpg (14817 bytes)Bill Phillips, the Deputy Secretary General, showed off his fabulous Ramsar silk underwear, custom-made for him out of Brisbane COP6 scarves by his colleagues in Canberra.

The colorful waistcoat is also a legacy of Brisbane -- the nine million volunteer workers in the convention hall, March 1996, wore these things to stand out from the crowd . . . which they emphatically did.  Bill's waistcoat is special, though, because it's been signed by most of the people who attended the COP, apparently.


wwd_bureau1.jpg (10991 bytes)Lest the theme of strange Ramsar clothing be dropped by the chorus, Julia Tucker and Maryse Mahy joined Bill by showing up in Ramsar hat, Ramsar scarf, Ramsar t-shirts, and what not else . . . don't ask.



Festive Goings On!

wwd_bureau2.jpg (19966 bytes)

And here's the whole staff present that Fateful Day (from left in the top picture): Julia Tucker, Bill Phillips, Sandra Hails, Rebecca D'Cruz, Valerie Higgins and Ahoua Traore, Dwight Peck, Annette Pavlic, Paulette Kennedy, Maryse Mahy, Montse Riera, Jamshed Kazi, Raquel Siguenza.  (Absent: Montserrat Carbonell, who was taking the photograph; Delmar Blasco, Tim Jones, and Anada Tiéga, all on mission, and Mireille Katz)

wwd_bureau3.jpg (23403 bytes)

Notice how many of the dedicated Ramsar staff seem to be more interested in the waterfowl migrating southward outside the windows than in having their pictures taken.

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