Special appeal for the Small Grants Fund 1999


[Reprint of the letter sent to frequent donors to the Ramsar Small Grants Fund, in light of a  shortfall in funding assistance for the 1999 round. This letter is generic and was adapted for individual recipients.]

Dear Mr/Ms ….

Re: Request for Funding for Wetland Conservation and Sustainable Use Projects

As you are aware, the Convention on Wetlands administers a Small Grants Fund (SGF) mechanism to provide funding for projects related to the conservation and sustainable use of wetland resources in developing countries and countries in transition. Once again the resources available in the Fund for allocation in 1999 are insufficient to fund all the applications that have passed the evaluation process, which has been based on a rigorous analysis of the technical aspects and feasibility of the proposals.

Of the 87 project proposals received for the 1999 cycle, the Ramsar Bureau has determined 60 proposals to be deserving of financial support. The total amount required for these 60 projects is SFR 2,187,287 (approximately US$ 1,454,313). To date the Fund has received voluntary contributions and pledges for 1999 amounting to SFR 471,729 (approximately US$ 313,650).

In order to allow as many as possible of these worthy projects to be supported, I should be grateful if your [Government/organization/institution] would consider making a [further] contribution to the Fund, [as in the past]. If necessary, we shall be happy to provide a copy of the list of projects recommended for 1999, including copies of the full applications as required.

The attached leaflet Filling the Gap provides a general introduction to the Ramsar SGF and its achievements so far. These were duly recognized by the recent meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention (COP) held in Costa Rica in May. The COP approved Resolution VII.5 entitled Critical evaluation of the Convention’s SGF and its future operation, expressing "its conviction that the critical review submitted to Ramsar COP7 of the first nine years of operation of the Ramsar SGF demonstrates that this mechanism continues to be extremely valuable for facilitating the implementation of the Convention in developing countries and countries in transition".

I very much hope your Government/organization/institution will give favourable consideration to this request in support of our efforts to promote the conservation and sustainable use of wetland resources throughout the world.

Yours sincerely,

Delmar Blasco
Secretary General

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