Conference on Asian wetlands planned for New Delhi


(3 December 1997)

International Conference on Asian Wetlands

New Delhi, 29-31 January 1998

An International Conference on Asian Wetlands is planned for early next year (29-31 Jan. 1998), and is open to all those interested in the study, conservation, and management of wetlands anywhere in the world, although it will focus especially on Asian Wetlands. Some of the major and most important objectives of the Conference are:

  • To discuss National Wetland Policies and prepare ground for the formulation of Wetland Policies in countries where these do not exist;
  • To discuss traditional and scientific wetland management for wise and sustainable use; and to discuss the importance of community participation in management;
  • To discuss methods for evaluation of wetland values and functions, especially economic valuation methods;
  • To discuss the importance of wetlands vis-à-vis other international conventions such as Biodiversity and Global Climate Change

Besides these, the Conference will cover all aspects of wetland science, wetland management and education and awareness.

We encourage the wetland scientists, managers, NGOs, government officials concerned with wetlands and water resources, fisheries, waterfowl and other wildlife to contribute and participate. Your experiences and case studies will help us formulate plans for wetland policies. If your country has developed a national wetland policy,or is developing one, we would like to know about it and share your experiences. The conference will cover all kinds of freshwater, brackish and marine wetlands (including mangroves).

There shall be an excursion to Keoladeo National Park (a Ramsar site and also a World Heritage site) and one half-day session is planned to be held there.

Unfortunately, no funds are available to support the travel or other expenses of the participants but one hopes that they will be able to raise their own resources.

Registration Fee: US$ 250. The Registration Fee includes the cost of excursion (including one night stay) to Keoladeo National Park, and Proceedings of the Conference. The Registration Fee is payable by Bank Draft to the Indian Environmental Society. Your contributions (abstracts) may be sent by email also (please send only ASCII files: no attachments please)

For further details (such as local arrangements, accommodation, etc.), contact:

Dr Desh Bandhu, President
Indian Environmental Society,
U 112 Vidhata House,
Vikas Marg, Shakarpur
New Delhi 110092
(e-mail:; tel: +91-11 2223311 2450749; fax: +91-11 3317301)

-- posted to the Ramsar Forum, 27 November 1997, by Dr Brij Gopal,
School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University

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