WIWO publishes a number of new reports


The Working Group for International Waterbird and Wetland Research (WIWO), based in Zeist, The Netherlands, announce the publication of a number of new reports, all available in English.

Here's a quick list of the titles:

dotred.gif (924 bytes)The end of the East-Atlantic Flyway: Waders in Guinea-Bissau: report on a cooperative research project in the estuaries of Guinea Bissau, October 1992-May 1993, edited by Wim J. Wolff (1998).  WIWO report no. 39. 94 pages. Dfl 25.--

dotred.gif (924 bytes)Waterbirds in Kneiss, Tunisia, February 1994, by T. M. van der Have et al (1997). WIWO report no. 54. 140 pages.  Dfl 25.--

dotred.gif (924 bytes)European songbirds and Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica in Ghana: a quest for Constant Effort Sites and Swallow roosts in December/January 1996/97, by Bennie van den Brink et al (1998).  WIWO report no. 58. 53 pages.  Dfl 15.--

dotred.gif (924 bytes)Cranes (grus grus) in NW Russia in autumn 1996, ed. by Toon Veerman & Henk Wessels (1998).  WIWO report no. 59. 20 pages.  Dfl 10.--

dotred.gif (924 bytes)Ecological aspects of Pygmy Cormorants Phalacrocorax pygmeus at Prespa, Greece, May-August 1996, by Frank J. Willems & Etienne de Vries (1998).  WIWO report no. 60. ca. 100 pages.  Dfl 25.--

dotred.gif (924 bytes)Breeding waders at Cape Sterlegova, Northern Taimyr, in 1994, by Ingrid Tulp et al (1998).  WIWO report no. 61. 87 pages.   Dfl 25.--

Dfl 15.-- additional is required for administrative costs on orders from outside the Netherlands.  Please inquire about payment terms from WIWI, Driebergseweg 16c, NL-3708 JB Zeist, the Netherlands.

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