The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award


The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award

The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award was established in 1996 by Resolution VI.18 of the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) in order to recognize and honor the contributions of individuals, organizations, and governments around the world in promoting the conservation and wise use of wetlands. The Ramsar Standing Committee, at its meeting in October 1997, approved the following criteria and procedures for adjudicating the award, determined to select three winners for presentation at the 7th Conference of the Parties in May 1999, and gratefully accepted the offer of the Danone Group (France) to complement the Ramsar Awards with the Evian Special Prize, a cash prize of US$ 10,000 to accompany each of the three awards in 1999.

COP7Nominations are encouraged of persons, organizations, or government agencies that have taken intiatives which have contributed significantly to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of a wetland site or group of wetlands, especially those initiatives which might serve as inspirational or practical examples for others.

Nominations should be forwarded to the Bureau of the Convention on Wetlands, using the attached form, before 31 July 1998. The Standing Committee will select the three winning individuals or organizations at its October 1998 meeting, and the awards will be presented at the opening ceremony of the 7th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties in San José, Costa Rica, on 10 May 1999.

Selection criteria

1. The Ramsar Award shall be awarded for any one of the following:

a) actions – including legislation, strategies, plans, programmes, projects, investments, and campaigns – that have significantly contributed, or have a clear potential of contributing, to the long-term conservation and sustainable use of:

i) a particular wetland site; and/or

ii) a group of wetlands within a country or across two or more countries; and/or

iii) wetlands ecosystems in general in a province or state, a region within a country, a nation, or a region covering two or more countries;

b) contributions to the advancement of wetland sciences in any of their branches.


2. The Ramsar Award will be awarded every three years on the occasion of the ordinary meetings of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971), starting with the 7th meeting of the Conference in May 1999.

3. A maximum of three laureates will be selected for each occasion.


4. Institutions and citizens of all nations are invited to nominate individuals or institutions – governmental and non-governmental, including community groups – or private sector enterprises, of any nation.

Nominations Procedure

5. Nominations should be submitted to the Ramsar Convention Bureau in English, French or Spanish, using The Ramsar Award Form available from the Ramsar Bureau in Gland, Switzerland, or at the Ramsar Web site, accompanied by the necessary supporting documentation.

6. Deadline for nominations shall be 31 July of the year preceding each Conference of the Parties.

Selection Procedure

7. The Ramsar Bureau shall process the nominations received and submit them for the consideration of the Ramsar Standing Committee at its regular meeting in the year prior to each meeting of the Ramsar Conference of the Parties. The Standing Committee shall select the laureates. Its decision shall be final.

Announcement and Presentation of the Award

8. The announcement of the laureates on each occasion shall be made through a press release as soon as all of them have confirmed their acceptance of the prize.

9. The Ramsar Award will be presented at the opening ceremony of each meeting of the Ramsar Conference of the Contracting Parties, and every effort will be made to ensure the presence of all laureates.

Possible cash rewards

10. On each occasion that the Ramsar Award is given, the Standing Committee may accept a contribution from a donor or sponsor (of no less than ten thousand US dollars) to be presented  with the Award. In each case winners will be informed at the time of communicating to them the decision of the Standing Committee, if the prize will be accompanied by a cash reward or not, and the name of the sponsor(s) on that particular occasion.

11. If no cash reward were available, recipients shall receive a certificate and letter.

Nomination for the 1999 Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award

In 1999 the Award will be presented to three recipients and will be accompanied in each case by the Evian Special Prize.

The Evian Special Prize consists of a cash award of US$ 10,000 generously contributed by the Danone Group (France) as part of the Evian Project, an action programme implemented by the Ramsar Bureau for the protection of water and its quality in wetlands of international importance, jointly financed by the Danone Group and the French Global Environment Facility.

Having considered the Criteria and Procedure of the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award, I/we wish to submit the following nomination to the consideration of the Standing Committee of the Convention on Wetlands:

Name of the nominee:

Mailing address:




On the basis of the selection criteria, I/we recommend the nominee in consideration of the following actions/achievements:

 (Please add an additional page of explanation.)

 I/we attach the following documents and/or certificates in support of my/our nomination: (Please note that documents and/or certificates will not be returned and it is not advisable to include originals. In the case of technical/scientific publications, a complete bibliographic reference will suffice).

Name of the nominator:



Mailing address:




Names and full addresses of two additional referees:


Agreement of the nominee:

Having had access to the Criteria and Procedure of the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award, which on this occasion includes a cash prize of US$ 10,000 (the "Evian Special Prize") provided by the Group Danone (France), I/we agree to be nominated for the Award.


Name and title (if the nominee is an institution):


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