Workshop on Biodiversity of Inland Water Systems -- preliminary report


(16 July 1997)

The Convention on Biological Diversity, with which the Bureau has a Memorandum of Cooperation, has designated Ramsar as its lead partner on wetlands issues, and in fulfillment of that responsibility Bureau staff are working to provide input to the upcoming meeting of SBSTTA, the CBD's subsidiary scientific body. Two weeks ago we posted here a description of a forthcoming workshop on that theme, and here is Michael Smart's preliminary report on how it went down.

"The workshop was jointly organized by the Ramsar Bureau, IUCN (both the Commission on Ecosystem Management and the Biological Diversity Group) and Wetlands International. It took place at the headquarters of Wetlands International (Europe, Africa and the Middle East) at Wageningen in the Netherlands. It was a small technical workshop, aiming at bringing together the main bodies working on the biological diversity of inland waters and wetlands, so as to ensure coordinated input from the scientific community into the Global Biodiversity Forum 8 and SBSTTA meetings in Montreal in August/September 1997. It is also hoped that this coordination will develop long-term scientific input into both the CBD and Ramsar conventions.

The principal activities were: a review of the final version of the paper for SBSTTA prepared by the CBD secretariat and entitled "Biological diverstiy of inland waters": and a discussion of how to ensure that action strategies are developed to implement the recommendations of SBSTTA and decisions of the CBD Conference of Parties, to be held in Bratislava, Slovakia in May 1998.

The detailed report of the workshop is now being finalized, and will be circulated by the Ramsar Bureau to the bodies not able to attend the workshop and to participants in SBSTTA."

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