Waterlines - the CD-ROM


(14 July 1997)

There's an entertaining and informative new CD-ROM available on one of the most significant Ramsar wetlands in Australia, the Barmah-Millewa Red Gum Forest, part of the Murray-Darling Basin. Here's the blurb on it:

Waterlines - Australian Irrigation Studies on CD-ROM

A combination of the resources of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission and the NSW Board of Studies has led to the completion of the first disk in the Waterlines series of CD-ROMs dealing with irrigation in the Murray- Darling Basin. This first disk is a study of the Barmah-Millewa Red Gum Forest and the effects of river regulation on the forest. With schools, libraries and tourist information centres as its target, Waterlines combines a considerable scientific component with general interest and information sections. It is truly multi-media and every endeavour has been made to steer away from the "book in CD-ROM guise" format. The CD includes images, video, diagrams, audio and animation distributed as appropriate thoughout the 300+ screens. It also contains a library section which houses all of the textual leads to reference books and images and explanations of aboriginal paintings depicting the River Murray. All or any part of this library can be printed as required by the user for educational purposes. The Waterlines CD-ROMms are designed to work on both Mac and PC-compatible computers with a minimum specification equivalent to 486 processor, 4MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM.

Further description of the package can be found at http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au. The CD-ROM can be purchased from the New South Wales (Australia) Board of Studies for 60.00 Australian dollars plus postage and packing, by cheque, money order, or major credit cards. Apply to Sales Desk, Office of the Board of Studies of NSW, P.O. Box 460, North Sydney 2059, Australia (fax +61 2 9956 5205).

An unnamed reviewer from the Bureau reports that, though Waterlines lacks some of the gee-whiz tricks, fast-pacing, and commercial polish of big-brandname educational CD-ROMs, the content is solid and the presentation is very attractive. It might make an excellent case-study adjunct to interactive educational programmes anywhere in the world.

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